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everything is not what it seems 

everything is not what it seems 

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if even possible, the famous Gryffindor boy had become even more confused. he sat in his potions class, letting his mind drift off to the interaction he'd had with the slytherin girl just earlier that week. she hadn't been showing up to classes, and no one had seemed to notice so far, but harry had. he was baffled with her, completely and utterly baffled.

He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice the very girl on his mind, wander in the potions classroom and glance around for an open seat, and sighing when she realized the only one was next to the potter boy. She slowly slid onto the stool, making sure to push it as far away from the boy as she could. it was the slight scrape of the stool that pulled harry from his thoughts, making Athena curse under her breath.

His eyes met hers , their green color mimicking one another. Though everything inside Athena wanted to rip her eyes away, she yet again felt herself stare back at the boy she hated so much. She studied his facial features, only to meet his eyes again. He seemed to be focusing as a small crease formed between his eye brows as he thought back to the last time he'd seen her. making her finally tear her eyes back to Snapes lesson. 

harry noticed that bags were under her eyes, and that she heaved with tiredness. she hadn't been sleeping well. she seemed so broken , emotionless


he whispered

of course she ignored him , just because she'd spoken to him once doesn't mean she'd do it again. 

"are you okay?

he asked quietly , though he immediately regretted it as the girl next to him tensed and sent him a quick look , hate burning behind her eyes. 

he took this as a sign to stop talking and tried to go back to focusing on the lesson, though he couldn't stop thinking of the sight of her that day. 

Athena however had tried as hard as she could to push the memory far from her mind, she spent the lesson uncomfortably fiddling , feeling Potters glances the whole lesson. She was lucky though , the teachers had been relatively sensitive to her case , knowing her friendship with Cedric had been close. She would go to her classrooms during the professors prep time to collect work , then spend the day doing her homework. Of course excluding Umbridge, she luckily hadn't seen the toad since the beginning of the week. 

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