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rumbles and reunions 

rumbles and reunions 

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      Athena woke in the middle of the night to silence. The sky was still dark , leaving the girl blind. she sat for a while , letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. Before She slowly pushed herself out of the bed , glad she had the room to herself, even if momentarily. She found her way down the stairs and to the kitchen. she poured herself a glass of water, before making her way around the first floor of the house, making sure to keep quiet in the house of sleeping people. 

she found her way to a living room of sorts, sitting on a couch and continuing to sip on her water. for a while she stared into the night sky, identifying all the stars she could, before her instincts kicked in and told her someone else was wandering the house. When Harry Potter stumbled into the living room, anything but shock resided on the girls features. She was ever aware that the boy was tainted by nightmares and rarely slept longer then a few hours. She casually met his gaze, before turning away coldly. Not having words for the tall dark haired boy. 


her name rolled of his tongue easily 

she ignored him , continuing to stare out of the window of the dark house. he sighed , wondering what he had done to provoke her coldness. he had really hoped they were getting somewhere , but she simply reverted back into her old character, like it was nothing. 

"what did I do?

he let out quietly 

she shook her head , a sigh leaving her lips 

"we can't be friends" 

she hissed , though her words were almost remorseful 


he spoke, again meeting her eyes, his own filled with sincerity 

"I just .. I can't-" 

"whats the real reason

he prodded harshly 

her fierce gaze met his , a flame he hadn't seen in a while burning behind her green eyes. 

"you don't - I don't know what he'll - we just can't okay!" 

she let out,  frustrated with the potter boy

she made a move to brush past him but he easily caught onto her arm and pulled her back 

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