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( sort of a filler chapter , it ain't my best sorry folks ) 

( sort of a filler chapter , it ain't my best sorry folks ) 

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     April first,  opened Athena with open arms. She had returned to co-teaching the DA with Harry shortly after she had opened up to Harry. Speaking of the boy , him and Athena had grown much closer after the events of March. Some days they didn't talk , but it wasn't intentional or out of spite. The two were able to sit in comfortable silence without feeling awkward , though they also had easy flowing conversations , complimented by Athenas passion for sarcasm and Harry's remarkable comebacks. 

The DA was very glad to see their two teachers return to their normal bickering and teaching schedule, as the awkward tension from the last couple months had slowly been driving them insane. 

Athena had begun to sleep more, the weight of keeping away the Potter boy finally lifted from her chest ,making her eyes close quicker. This meant she also started to keep up everything else. She payed more attention in her classes, went to all three meals a day , and watched her grades slowly rise in each class. 

Athena rose easily on the first of Aprils mornings, showered , dressed and made her way to the great hall where she met her three friends eyes.  Athena smiled lightly before jogging up to the  Gryffindor trio and greeting them. 

Hermione and Athena had also gotten closer after things were cleared up. Of course Her and Ron didn't know everything, but Athena stopped blocking them out and began talking to them more regularly. 

The three greeted her back casually , Harry informing the dark haired girl of his plans for that nights meeting. She simply nodded and waved them off before sitting down at her regular spot at the Slytherin table and eating a large breakfast. 

if only the day had stayed that mellow 


that night the DA met up in the room of requirement and the two teachers began to introduce their lesson plan. 

The Patronus Charm 

Right before the meeting Athena's head began to blare, it definitely wasn't her worst migraine but it hurt, bad. her senses went haywire and a tingly feeling in her gut made her wince, she was tempted to tell Harry she couldn't make it , but at the last second decided against it and made her way to the meeting , hastily.  

With the blaring in her head , it was at first difficult to focus, but with the mention of a happy memory Athena drew in her attention and did her best to block out the everlasting pounding in her head that seemed to only be getting worse. She quickly squeezed her eyes shut tightly and drew a crease between her two eye brows. 

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