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12 grimmauld place 

       Athena was allowed to remain in Dumbledores office that night, though she remained silent

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       Athena was allowed to remain in Dumbledores office that night, though she remained silent. debating her choices. no matter the professors prodding , she remained stoic, no form of feeling evident on her face. she was trying to figure out what to do , the moment she had comforted the panicking boy only hours ago, she had realized she considered him a friend. and it horrified her. 

what would her father do if he ever found out? 

she'd surely never be able to see Harry ever again 

and the whole idea of being the boys friend was really off putting to the girl who had sworn to hate him for all eternity. this idea made her want to shrivel into a ball. how could she be so loose on her beliefs ? was she that weak minded ? was this how others saw her?

she wondered again why she'd begun to care so much about what people thought of her, remembering times where she'd wondered the castle in massive hoodies and sweat pants, not giving a shit about who saw her. 

she also remembered traveling the grounds with Cedric during the spring time, he'd insisted on climbing the tallest tree's he could find, leaving the younger Slytherin girl to scramble up after him. It took the older boy close to a year to break down the cold Slytherins high walls , but somehow , that stupid potter boy had managed to begin chipping her walls away in a matter of weeks. she found smiles could easily drop onto her face around the raven haired boy, and it frightened her. 

last year she was completely content with her three friends , she was set with hating Harry Potter , she was completely okay with people being rude to her, as she always told herself that they weren't worth it. 

but the loss of her close friend and the nagging of the potter boy had somehow changed all of this. she found herself scowling less often around the trio she used to curse out, specifically the golden boy himself. the loss of Cedric had weakened her, she new this for sure, and it greatly pissed her off. 


Dumbledore tapped her shoulder at close to 3 am , and in her state of exhaustion she turned and met his eyes. a sad smile graced his face. 

"Arthur is okay" 

he spoke in his gentle voice 

"thats good"

she nodded , a slight sigh of relief passing her lips 

she paused for a second before asking a question she never thought she would

"is harry?" 

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