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Harry and Athena were in no way back to their old odd relationship , filled with sarcastic remarks and small hidden smiles, but she had stopped avoiding him like near death

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Harry and Athena were in no way back to their old odd relationship , filled with sarcastic remarks and small hidden smiles, but she had stopped avoiding him like near death. they hadn't spoken since her small breakdown , but he stopped bothering her, and told his two friends to do the same. 

Harry Potter was not stupid, no matter how many times Athena swore he was. He could tell Athena did not ant to be avoiding him , that there was a part of her that wanted to be the boys friend and even tell him what was going on , but he could also tell that she was afraid. Of what he wasn't sure , but it was clearly backed by the threat of pain. someone was going to hurt her if she told him these things, so he backed off. 

though his curiosity was close to killing him, he knew it was nothing compared to what Athena was most likely facing. he was scared , he had faced Voldemort on a number of occasions and was thrown into a life he never could have planned, but this girl. this simple girl he barley new , made him afraid. he had known her all of five months yet wanted so greatly to help her. 

but right now he had to worry about what the door haunting his dreams contained, and why it gave him such a bad feeling. 

It had begun to appear in his dreams every single night, causing him to often wander the castle, and eventually ( maybe with the help of his map ) run into Athena.

Though he saw her three times a day, and they never spoke , sometimes when they met up in the hallways late in the evening , she would simply walk up to the boy and break, causing most of their nights to be taken up with silent hugs, and muffled crying. she be horribly embarrassed afterwards and quickly escape back to her common room, or one of her many hideouts throughout the castle. 

she had memorized the castle in her first and second years and Hogwarts , though not exactly shy , Athena did not have a practical fondness for people. Not just Gryffindors , not just boys with raven hair, but she lacked a sense of trust. after all it had been taken from her before. after memorizing the castle she was quick to find certain spots less travelled , before she had Cedric as a close friend , she often escaped to these spots as her panic attacks hit, but she also used them for things she just couldn't bother to do around people. she went there to do her homework , simply to sit , or as she had been recently , to escape Harry Potter and his stupid niceness.  

but back to the nights , though yes at first awkward , it had formed a small bond between the two. though they hadn't really realized it yet. this was something they would reflect on later in their lives , something that brought the two ever so closer together. 


Valentines Day sucker punched Athena. She woke up on the Saturday and trudged to the great hall only to be met with stares, of pity. it almost made her vomit on the spot. she despised pity, especially about something these hags knew nothing about. they assumed she was , like many others just a girl who despised Cho Chang for managing to snag Cedric Diggory. This made them feel "sorry" because it was just so sad , at least thats what they tried to present. Of course most of the girls sniggered at the thought, especially the older Hufflepuffs who figured the Slytherin was weak , so they'd tease her or pick fights. these were bad decisions on their part, as Athena Malkin was anything but weak. 

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