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March was a rough month for the brooding Slytherin

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March was a rough month for the brooding Slytherin. Her and her sort of not really friends,  the golden trio still hadn't spoken, and Athena was a bit grumpy about it. She wanted to say so much to them. they were good people , from her time observing them like she had been for the past three or so months, they wanted to help her. not for any gain , for her. she respected this, but didn't understand it at all. 

she barely knew these kids, but they seemed so set on doing something for her. she noticed that she wasn't the only one observing, as they had begun to pick up on her traits after she became more distant. they could tell when they brought up the wrong subject from the slight shift in her eyes and posture, or when she simply needed to get away from people. they had also easily picked up on her tells of when she was angry , in her agitated and restless state she had been in since Christmas , she often got into large arguments with people throughout the school. these incidents were often whispered about and the girls rough knuckles only frightened the student body, people began to see less and less of the girl. 

she was almost always either in the library , a hidden spot, the headmasters office , or around the castle grounds. she attended her classes , but rarely ate in the great hall , or at all. her bones stuck out and her dark circles nearly reached her cheekbones , whatever mysterious attractive-ness she previously held had been abandoned. 


she didn't realize how exhausted she was until she began fainting. at first it was short losses of sight , for a short time her vision would go black but she'd be able to blink it away and continue like nothing had happened, but as the seconds turned into minutes of darkness soon enough her knees began to give out. she had carefully visited the hospital wing many times throughout the month, at first just to help with her lightheadedness but when the fainting began she would rush herself to the wing and simply faint and sneak out later while madame pomfrey was occupied. 

the older woman knew little about Athena , but simply from the month of March alone she knew she had to help out anyway she could. Of course she hated whenever Athena snuck out , wanting her to rest , but the girl was stubborn more so than the rumors implied. even if she got caught she would simply keep trying to sneak out , and the older woman would finally give in and hesitantly let her return to classes. 

no one found out about the girls fainting spells , until one day after Herbology , another class the Malkin girl was just so lucky to share with the trio.  she found herself walking the path back into the castle , unaware of the hushed conversation of the trio close behind her. Harry was planning on confronting her for what he had heard back on valentines day , he knew she would be mad at his eavesdropping though unintentional , but he needed answers and the only person who had them was the girl herself, but he felt himself halt as the very same girl began to stumble. 

his two closest friends also noticed this and quirked a brow at the girls odd behavior , even a small chortle from Ronald at how silly the grumpy girl looked. harry almost smiled , but it was easily wiped clean off his face when she fell straight backwards onto her head. the loud CRACK ! shook him from his horror and the trio rushed forward in panic. 

her eyes were sealed close and she wouldn't wake up no matter the hard shoves from the golden Gryffindors. their panic only heightened when a blood puddle began to form around the girls ankle which they noticed was awkwardly bent and was clearly broken. they awkwardly picked her up and carried her to the hospital wing, met with many odd glances along the way. 

they were almost saddened by Madame Pomfreys small explanation, this had been happening the whole month and they hadn't noticed? what sort of friends were they? were they even friends now? had they ever been? 

 though most considered her a bitch or annoying , a lot of students came to visit her during her time in the hospital wing. she would've complained a lot more about their fake-ness if she was awake. it had been four days and she still hadn't woken up.  If it wasn't for her short quiet breaths they student body would've believed her to be dead.  most students came once or twice , said some stupid insults they were too scared to say to her awake face, but she only had seven constant visitors , who came at least once a day. Harry , Hermione , Ron , Wren , Lacie , Dumbledore , and Severus Snape. 

though yes he admittedly found the girl infuriating , she was a member of his house , so he would stop in and give her a snide remark before quietly leaving her homework on her gift filled side table. 

Only Wren , Lacie , and Harry spoke to her consistently  , the rest might sometimes tell her about their day but the previously stated three always would. Wren usually cried , she was quite embarrassed the several times the Gryffindor friends had walked in on this , but Hermione had always been especially empathetic and kind , always giving the girl hugs and soothing words. Lacie would try her best to speak as normally as she could , sometimes her voice would break when remembering something that would make Athena laugh but always earning no response. 

But Harry made sure to tell her in great detail of his days adventure , how she had missed another Slytherin / Gryffindor fight by the lake and that she was going to be so upset she missed the funniest joke from Herbology but that he'd make sure to tell her when she was awake and could do the thing she always did when he told her bad jokes. She would smile but smack his shoulder making him break out in laughter , though it was rare for the green eyed pair , they had their happy moments. he made sure to make copies of his notes and bring her all the homework for the classes he shared with her , asking her two friends to do the same. they were hesitant of the raven haired boy at first , but complied easily for the sake of their best friend. 

as much as he talked he never knew how bad she wanted to respond , because though her eyes were shut tight and she couldn't seem to open them, her ears were very much on and working , and she heard everything. even the part where he said how much he missed her. even the part where he wanted them to be teaching partners again. 

even the part where he just needed her to wake up , for him 

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a/n: this is bad but its also 12 am so :) , ill probably edit this tomorrow morning so I apologize if you're reading the unedited version , I type fast and make lists of mistakes , especially around this time of night ( morning ? ) but yes happy new year !! ( again ) lol I hope this chap was okay :) 

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