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throughout the train ride back to Hogwarts for the gang of now fifth years, Lacie wouldn't shut her mouth about harry potter. and honestly it was starting to bother her other two friends.

as they had a sworn pack for disliking the messy raven haired boy in their year, and though yes Lacie was technically complaining about the boy , the other two were still annoyed with her actions, as hearing about him the whole way only damped their moods.


the Slytherin across from the rambling ravenclaw finally snapped.

"I'm just saying my mum has been telling me about all the things the prophet has been printing about him lately, and honestly he's probably out of his mind"

the girl continued to ramble

" I don't give a damn what you or your mum are saying about that kid, honestly Lace I don't want to hear any more news about him the rest of this train ride got it?"

Athena sighed while rubbing her head, feeling a migraine coming

"yep , got it"

Lacie sighed while rolling her eyes

whilst Wren laughed quietly in the corner

though the trio disliked the boy who lived, they didn't mind his friends much. though Ron occasionally got on Athenas nerves , and Hermione's know it all attitude could bother her sometimes, she mostly didn't mind the two.

Hermione was a good study buddy, and Ron always lent her extra quills, which was appreciated. As her other two friends were Ravenclaws , they acknowledged Hermione's intelligence, and admired Ron's loyalty often, so they also didn't mind the pair.

Athena finally stepped out of the compartment to get some fresh air, and some treats from the trolley , as it was close anyways. She had already changed into her robes and had her tie loosely hanging around her neck. She had met up with the kind woman at the trolley she slowly started to look through the treats when a familiar voice greeted her.

" Oh, hi Athena!"

Hermione's kind voice greeted

the Slytherin whipped around and let a small smile fall onto her face.

"hello Hermione , good summer?"

she replied casually

"yes actually , though Harry's trial was a bit concerning"

the bright witch replied , mumbling the last part to herself

though the Slytherin girl heard it and dropped her smile

"ah yes I heard about that, how'd that go by the way? I don't suppose he got expelled did he?"

she retorted , slight playfulness in her tone while keeping her eyes pinned to the sweets, pulling out some for her and others for her friends.

luckily the Gryffindor witch caught on and let out a small snort while shaking her head.

" No I'm afraid not Athena"

"damn , well theres always next year"

she concluded , shrugging before giving her money to the trolley woman and heading back to her compartment. where her friends waited quietly. she chuckled a bit before filling their arms with sweets she'd gotten them , and returning to her seat.


back in her own compartment , Hermione finished handing out snacks to her two close friends.

"who was that?"

Ron asked while shoving a chocolate frog in his mouth before it could get away

"oh just Athena"

the witch responded while holding back giggles at the chocolate smears on the boys face.


the raven haired boy asked peeking his head up

"blimey mate have you been living under a rock for the past five years? Slytherin girl, doesn't talk much, hangs out with those two Ravenclaws all the time"

"oh I'm sorry Ron I've been I don't know a bit busy , what fighting off Voldemort and all, and I don't pay much attention to slytherins "

harry responded sharply

"oh its fine harry , like Ron said, she is sort of quiet, I've had a couple of classes with her before and she really just does her work then leaves , doesn't really talk to anyone besides her friends. I'm lucky she even talks to me actually."

the boy thought carefully back on his classes and passing times, with the two's descriptions he was beginning to work out a vague image of the girl he believed they were talking about. yes he had, had a couple classes with her before , though true to the definition his friends had provided him, he had never really seen her interact or talk with anyone.

"oh yeah that really shy girl, I know her"

the boy concluded

making Hermione and Ron laugh out at the same time

"Harry , Athena Malkin is anything but shy"

Ron let out through laughs, making the boy who lived furrow his eyebrows in confusion.


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