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we have to do something 

we have to do something 

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Wren was studying next to Athenas hospital bed when Hermione rushed through. 

It had been only a few hours since Athena had knocked out, and though shallow breaths pulled through her chest , her pulse stayed dead. Wren had seen this only twice before, one the year before and once in second year. but it never failed to horrify her. 

Lacie had stopped in earlier to check in on her friend but quickly left again to go back to her common room. 

Hermione however ran into the hospital wing in a panic , her her was mangled  and her breaths were heavy. 

"wheres Athena?"

she asked hurriedly 

making Wren raise an eyebrow and gesture to the passed out girl behind her. 

Hermione visibly paled and began to stutter a bit 

"can we wake her up? its an emergency"

she asked worriedly 

"um.. not much has been able to wake her when she' this" 

wren answered honestly 

confusion flashed across the Gryffindor Genius but she masked it with surprises when Snape burst into the wing  with a small vile in his hands of a unfamiliar manilla liquid. 

His expression stayed stoic but he was working in what could almost be described as a panic 

Wren stepped back quickly , gently pulling Hermione back with her. 

Snape worked quickly , and it was apparent to Hermione that he had done this before. 

In the quick time she tapped her foot and dazed off , Athena had fluttered her eyes open. 

"Athena I-"

"whats wrong"

Athena cut Hermione off  easily 

her voice was rough and her hair spiraled around her head  , but her eyes were stern and serious. she could tell by the Gryffindors stature that something was very off.  

"It-it's Harry's he had this vision about Sirius and now he's going on about breaking out of here and I -" 

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