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    Athena woke suddenly , a sweat broken out across her face

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    Athena woke suddenly , a sweat broken out across her face. Sleep had been difficult to find for the past couple days of living in the old home. She' d been avoiding most people, preferring her cramped room then the busy downstairs area. She had received a small parcel that had been delivered to Lacie's home. It was black, and  the moment it arrived the girl knew it was from her father. The Malkin family were not large spreaders of holiday cheer, they exchanged small practical gifts, but the house stayed cold, they stayed far from one another, each in their own sections of the large house. Athena learned very quickly that she'd probably be spending this holiday very different. 

The house was practically drowning in Christmas decorations, it was warm with the ever heated fireplace. The kids were all excited to open their large number of presents that awaited for them, this was a sense of family that Athena greatly lacked, it saddened her greatly, so she stuck to what she was used to , staying in her room even on Christmas Eve. 

But that Christmas morning , a delicious smell ran under her nose, and her feet slowly rose to her door. Her door unlocked by her own hand and she nimbly moved down the stairs. Her hair was in a messy pony tail, and she still wore her sleeping outfit, but she no longer minded looking like a mess around the family, learning that if they cared they would've brought it up a while ago. 

She slipped into the dining room for the first time in days, usually relying on Lacie or Wren to bring her cold left overs , as they also resided in the room, but no one else had been allowed to see the girl. 

The bustling table stilled slowly , and the girl slowly met their eyes before taking her usually spot and gesturing for everyone to continue speaking as normal. She tried her best to shake off the feeling of those piercing green eyes the rest of breakfast. 

 after the breakfast everyone was allowed to open their gifts by Molly. 

Athena received a large oversized sweater from Wren , who knew it would adorable on the smaller framed girl. Lacie gave her a set of gorgeous notebooks which made a smile fall on the distant girls face. Hermione had given the girl a pair of black boots she thought fit the girls vibe well, Ron had given her a small pack of treats he knew the girl enjoyed, mumbling it was the thing he was best at. Molly had begun to swear at herself for failing to make the girl a full "A" sweater , Athena let out a airy laugh at the red headed woman , quietly assuring her that it was okay and that her  dark green " A " beanie was just as beautiful. 

Athena slowly began to pass out her gifts , before she met eyes with the boy she had been avoiding. He coughed lowly before handing her a small gift, she slid hers across the table. 

"I saw it in a shop in Hogsmede, I knew you like gold so , I don't know I thought you might like it" 

the boy spoke , embarrassment filling his words as the girl did nothing but stare at the golden necklace laid out in her hands. A sad smile pulled at her face as she slowly put it on, letting the small gold rose peak out over her shirt. 

Harry also luckily enjoyed the gift she'd gotten him though she couldn't stop fiddling with the necklace he'd given her. It was very beautiful indeed, and the girl very much appreciated it. But she couldn't help but let dread fill her stomach as she stared at the last present shoved under the tree. 

the small black parcel from her father sat mocking her disapprovingly, almost like it knew where she really was. Her father greatly disliked the Weasley family , and if he knew, the girl could only imagine what he would do if he knew she had been residing with them. 

Everyone stared at her , waiting for her to open the present. Only Harry and the Two Ravenclaws noticed her hands shaking. She snapped out of her hazy state and pushed herself forward, forcing one foot in-front of another before she slowly reached down, grabbed the present and rose back up. Her shaking hands ripped the dark paper to reveal a bouquet of fake flowers and a note only the green eyed Slytherin could read. 

whatever it said made the her throw the bouquet to the floor and rush out of the house. 

the family stood shocked before Harry moved to call after her but Wren grabbed the back of his sweater to hold him in place 

"whoa calm down there golden boy , let her be,  okay?

the boy was stunned 

"what do you mean someone has to make sure she's okay!"

he spoke angrily , upset the two girls weren't more on board with his idea to help their friend 

"Christmas isn't a good time for 'Thena" 

Lacie spoke lowly ,

"Let her be" 

she continued , a slight warning in her tone 

"what do you mean?" 

he prodded slightly 

"thats for her to not tell you , not us

Wren answered, effectively ending the conversation with the boy she still slightly disliked 

no one chased after her, and no one said much when she returned for dinner that night. Red bags stupidly hanging beneath her eyes, and a scowl formed onto her face. 

Though she tried her best  to smile around Arthur , knowing he had just been released from the hospital. She tried her best to keep her head up though she felt like she was crumbling , she tried her best not to show the people around her the pain buried beneath her cold cold skin. 

She really tried her best.

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a/n: seriously I really don't know if I should make the next stories like halfblooded prince  a separate book or just cram them in here pLEaSe hElp but you also don't have to you know live ur life. also sorry if this is bad I just had a mega rough couple days but felt bad that I hadn't updated. 

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