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Athena never thought she would have to put in extra effort to avoid Harry Potter, he had never really paid much attention to the girl, before apparently this year. she was still curious as to why he had taken a sudden interest in her, though she really just wished he'd stop. 

in her potions class it was the worst, as she sat next to him and they had been assigned at partners . she'd returned to attending class regularly , as much as she didn't want to. Defense against the dark arts was definitely the hardest for her, of course the basic course was simple, it was just the toad. She got Athena so riled up she constantly had to grip her desk tightly to make sure she didn't lash out. 

Athena had been penting up her anger for a while now, after the small lash out at Potter , she only felt slightly relieved, and he still kept talking to her, so it wasn't even worth it. 

it happened when she was walking the grounds , she was heading around the black lake when some third year Gryffindors came up behind her and shoved her, hard. 

"not much to say now huh Malkin?" 

the apparent leader seemed to say, a ugly smirk falling on his ugly face. 

"I'm really not in the mood today kids" 

she spat , just trying to cool off from the rough day

"well when you come for potter , you come for Gryffindor I'm afraid" 

the young boys nasally voice replied 

this made the girl snort 

"please , half the school hates him right now , that includes your house, real loyal I see" 

this made the younger kids face contort into frowns

before he even reached for his wand, she had dug her fist into the side of his face. the two other boys panicked before hurriedly trying to get their wands, but they were too slow for Athena. She just let out all her anger, before realizing the damage she'd done to the young kids. Honestly she might have gone a little overboard, but she'd had a bit of a difficult week. 

The kids were without serious injury, they just scrambled to their feet and ran up to the grounds. 

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