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we need an army 

we need an army 

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it took a couple weeks for them to work out all the details and as Athena wasn't in Gryffindor, she didn't have a lot of say in the matter. This also meant she didn't really know what was going on. Until she was dragged to the Hog's Head by her Hermione one Hogsmeade trip. 

The whole time she had made small talk with the trio, though she still hated Harry Potter. 

During their three dreadful classes together, he made sure to always ask Athena for notes or instructions on what they were doing, and though he still greatly annoyed her at times, she had slowly began to adjust to the nagging. 

So as he told the girl random stories she just let her head nod, and her eyes drift off to the snowy landscape. 

When Athena snapped back into it the room had filled with students , all varying in ages and houses. Though she quickly noticed the lack of Slytherins. She quickly met her two friends eyes and flashed them a small grin. 

As Potter and Granger began to explain their reasoning for their little organization , Athena again began to feel herself drift off before someone yelled out. 

"Why the hell is she here?" 

addressing of course the Slytherin girl accompanying the trio. 

her head immediately perked up and met the eyes of the crowd. Most people were nodding, scowls and looks of distain covering their faces. 

She slowly stood up, making a few younger kids flinch a bit. 

"I don't like the toad as much as you lot "

she started slowly 

"besides I know as well as him that Voldemort's back" 

she continued, gesturing to Harry with her head. Even Harry was a bit surprised how easily the Dark Lords name slipped off her tongue. 

"He's really back?

A young kid spoke, fear in his voice

Harry nodded slowly , a dark look crossing his face. 

That was the first time Athena realized how much the boy had gone through, I mean of course she knew everything that'd happened, all he'd done or whatever. But he was her age, and had lived through so much darkness, so much pain. And maybe that was the first time Athena Malkin didn't completely hate Harry Potter. 

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