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fear and feelings



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It had been a couple days since Athena had met up with Harry in the corridor late the November night ,  she tried her best to keep her head low and not gain anymore attention then she had by associating with the trio from Gryffindor. 

The day of the lesson about Thestrals she had made her way down to magical creatures , hoping for a carefree lesson, only to be met with the icy stares of the creatures that reminded her of her past. She tried her best to push herself to the back of the pack, trying best to avoid the creatures, wishing she like her classmates could be blessed with not being able to see the creatures. 

Seeing the dark animals made Athena's whole body shake, her anger beginning to take over. Though tears pricked at her eyes, she'd never dare to let them fall around these absolute gits, especially not Harry Potter, who had begun to eye the girl nervously.  He wandered over to her rather slowly, making sure not to draw too much attention, knowing the girl hated it.

"you can see them

he mumbled 

"see what" 

she responded , but her voice crack gave her away


he started though she quickly cut him off 


she snapped 

"are you okay?

he asked, green eyes pouring into her own 

"of course I am potter

she quickly replied , venom lacing her words. 

she took a deep breath before meeting his eyes once again and spoke 

"i'm always okay" 

she mumbled quietly before stalking away from the lesson , stomping up the grounds and proceeding to skip the rest of her lessons . she sat in her bed the rest of the day, letting stupid stupid tears slip down her cheeks. memories of her past and fear of her future suffocating her thoughts. 

she heard a small knock at her door and let confusion flush over her face as the classes were still going on, and  none of her roommates should've been back. As soon as she opened the door Lacie flew into her arms, making a small smile spread onto Athena's face.  Wren slowly trailed into the room behind Lacie, sitting on the bed across from Athena's.  

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