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secrets best left unspoken 

   Athena had not spoken a word to anyone beside her two closest friends since Christmas morning

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   Athena had not spoken a word to anyone beside her two closest friends since Christmas morning. Ever since receiving the insulting gift left for her by her excuse for a father , she had felt her blood run cold. Fear was installed into her, and her anger. Her anger was beginning to get out of control. 

At first harry would bang on her door, demanding entry or just to talk. He'd sit there for hours , pleading for the girl to come out an talk to him, but no matter his pleas she kept her door sealed shut. She felt empty , her father having taken the last of her hope 

She mindlessly packed her bags for the return back to Hogwarts which she knew she was less than ready for. The kids there expected more of a fighter than what was left of the girl. 

The morning the kids were to leave the grim building , Athena silently brought her bag down the stairs , meeting many sets of eyes , all staring at the girls broken appearance. Her skin seemed paler, her green eyes had grown solemn and sunk into her head, her body sagged with the need for sleep, painful memories had kept her up all night  the past week. 

The train station was bustling , people shoved into her, which normally would've sent the girl onto a 20 minute rampage, but today she stayed completely silent, allowing people to continue shoving past her. This shocked the crowd around her, even the adults who had barley gotten to know her had at least heard of her , or at least of her family. 

They pushed onto the 9 and 3/4 platform , most said goodbye to the people who had cared for them, though Athena just shoved past the lot, nodding once to Molly, before boarding the train. The golden trio had to rush out goodbyes and sprint to catch up with her. They pushed countless students out of the way to catch up to the scarily fast Slytherin. 


Harry yelled , his voice begging 

the girl froze in her tracks , feeling countless eyes fall onto her 

"sit with us!"

the boy let out breathlessly , exhausted from the partial marathon he had just run to catch up with the girl. 

in an instant she flipped her dark brown hair over her shoulder and met the boys eyes, and he immediately wished he hadn't. 

instead of sadness , her face showed only hate , her eyes no longer sunk but returned to their  burning , deadly green. her glare alone made the students surrounding them to fall silent , the air went cold. 


her voice was raspy from her lack of communication, but it was firm and cold. hate seaping through her icy words. 

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