Chapter 46 (Let's do it part 1)

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I wasn't feeling well today so I kept away from food in general and stayed in bed while watching funny videos. Then someone I thought would never call me did.

It was Jack.

My heart started pounding as all the events that has occurred played in my head making me hesitate before picking up the phone.



"How are you Jack?"

"Kind of cold," I could hear that his breathing was a bit heavy.

"Where are you Jack?"

"Outside your block," I peeked outside my window and saw him standing there in a black coat with a hat on. I couldn't help but shake my head.

"You got me at the right time. Imagine waiting outside only to realise that I am not even in my accommodation,"

"Well in that case I still wouldn't care. I would wait in the freezing snow just so I can see you."

"Oh Jack. That's very sweet but don't ever do it," I could hear him chuckling a bit.

"I think I should surprise you one day,"

I got changed and put on my a short coat and boots before leaving my block. I ran out to meet him and stood still when I saw him. He still looks perfect and sweet like before. I looked down at the ground due to not knowing exactly what to say.

"Michelle are you fine? You look lost of words," I kept my head down as the feeling of embarrassment filled me.

"I don't really know what to say Jack. I guess it was easier on the phone,"

I look up at him to see sadness and desperation on his face. He grabbed my hand before pulling me with him. We got to a small Hill which wasn't too far from the university campus. Jack climbed it while holding my hand to steady me and we sat on the top.

Fingers crossed no one rolls down the hill!

I looked ahead and stared at the view of the the field in silence. A lot had occurred in this university which seemed too similar to secondary school, apart from the whole James part. That could never happen in a secondary school. I looked at Jack and watched as he kept his eyes concentrated on the campus.

"Before I met you me and my mum were racist," my eyes widened at what he had said and I couldn't help but look at my hands.

"I don't have any excuse to be. I think I copied my mum because I was close to her. My mum has her own personal reasons but she has never said."

"Really?" Jack nodded in response.

"She has never said why. Now I am starting to think that there isn't a real reason she just feels better than black people and I felt the same then I met you," I kept my head down feeling slightly awkward.

Come on Michelle! Look at him! This is the part were you guys cry and make confessions about your past.

I ignored my crazy thoughts before turning to face Jack.

"Whenever I am near you I feel happy and I didn't understand at first. And so when I saved you from the drunk guy before, my parents kept asking questions so I lied that we were dating and I am so glad I did. I am so happy I got to meet an awesome person like you."

As crazy as this is about to sound I don't really like being complimented a lot because I don't believe the compliments.

"I am not that awesome," I said in a boring tone as Jack gave me a shocked look.

"Have you not met yourself?" I shook my head as Jack laughed.

"I really haven't," he stopped laughing as he looked at me quietly.

"I think that's one thing I have noticed about you. You have very low self esteem and self worth," I frowned at him before giving him a small shove.

"I am not Jack I just look at reality more..."

"What is your version of reality?"

"Not much."

"Tell me what you think of your self."

Fat. Annoying. Fat.

"I am OK I guess," Jack took my hand in his as he played with my fingers.

"OK let me tell you about you. You are very talented because you just know how to make everyone around you happy and I don't think you even try. You have the best humour and you are extremely understanding. You are amazing and beautiful Michelle. If you don't believe that you are great I do and-" he stopped talking as he peered at me.

"Are you crying?"

"No," I sniff as I wipe my eyes. "Something is in my eye and it hurts. A lot."

Jack chuckled as he pulled me closer to him making me cry slightly harder. I hate it when people give me the whole 'your beautiful' speech because I know people are just saying it to make me feel better about myself.

I rested my head on his chest and after a while I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Thank you Jack,"

"For making you cry?"

"No for trying to help me." He didn't say anything and took his phone out before looking at it.

"Oh that reminds me. I know while I was in hospital the preparation for the ball stopped but now it's going on. Do you still want to come over? My mum said she asked you and you agreed for preparation."

"When did your mum tell you this?"

"When I was in hospital," I rolled my eyes. His mother told me to leave so she wouldn't have to ever see me again and now she tells her son I am still coming over to her place.

She is crazy.

I don't blame Jack for inviting me again. He is never there when his mother acts up. All he is aware of is that she doesn't talk much to me. I folded my arms as the feeling of dread fills me.

"I don't think your mum would want me around," Jack looks at me carefully while I scratch my neck awkwardly.

"No she would want you there. Especially as you saved my life. If it wasn't for you I would have died."

Well sorry to burst your bubble Jack but your mother has her own version of what happened that day. I gave Jack the uncomfortable look.

"Is it because I said she is racist?"

Nope I knew from day 2 she was. And she has a description of the type of  girlfriend she is looking for to date Jack.

Black isn't in the description.

"No she never really talks to me which is a huge sign,"

"Don't worry about it. I promise you after the preparation and ball you wouldn't have to come to my house again if she makes you uncomfortable. We can stay in each others company though,"

I nodded slightly excited for the holidays. Just a few more days to December then I know my holiday is near.

"Fine. Let's just do it."

"Brilliant!" Jack smiled at me. "And if you feel like my mum is being awkward just pinch me."

I laughed at what he said because I knew that his arm and thighs are going to be sore from the amount of times I pinch him.

Be careful what you say kids!

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