Chapter 52 (Preparation for the ball part 3)

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Jack starts chasing me around as I run away from him while laughing uncontrollable. I look around and realise that I am on the beach and there is literally no where to hide except one place.

The sea.

I look back to see Jack rushing towards me so I quickly jump into the water and try to swim away when I feel a tight grip on my leg. Suddenly I am pulled down into the deep sea, my lungs burning for air and then I see her. Mrs Lee smiling as she watches the water fill me before killing me.

I shoot out of the bed when I feel water being poured on myself. I look up to see Mrs Lee standing over my bed with a used to be bucket of water which has now been poured over my head. She laughs as I scowl at her.

"Why would you do that?" Mrs Lee continues to laugh at me as I start shivering.

"It's 7:30 and we have a ball at 11 am so can you go use the bathroom. I need to get you ready. That is literally the only reason why you are here,"

I listen to her and go bathroom before brushing my teeth and having a quick shower. After I moisturise my skin with vaseline and put on a T-shirt and leggings just for now before heading of to Mrs Lee's room.

"Sit," I take my seat as Mrs Lee gets her phone out and leaves the room. I yawn as I feel tired due to waking up early. I look in the mirror and couldn't help but notice how round my face looks. I am literally living on cornflakes how am I still chubby.

Stop worrying Michelle!

I take my hair out of its hold before letting it down. Mrs Lee walks in with a woman holding a make up kit.

"This is Michelle," the make up woman looks at me before gasping.

"Yh I know. She is such a sight," Mrs Lee says as she rests her hand on her hips.

"No..." the makeup lady starts. She then turns to me. "Your Michelle Williams right?"

I nodded shyly as the make up lady leaned forward to hug me.

"Thank you Mrs Lee for giving me the privilege of doing her hair and makeup,"

Mrs Lee raises an eyebrow at the woman "Privilege? This is your punishment for not parking the car correctly,"

"Oh but I don't see how this is a punishment," the woman looked at Mrs Lee then me.

"Never mind just start!" Mrs Lee said before walking to the door. "When done call me!"

The woman opened her make up bag before pulling out brown concealer, gold sparkly eye shadow, eye liner and lip gloss.

"This is why I love black people. You guys have a lovely shade colour skin like chocolate which I find attractive,"

"Thank you," I say smiling as she starts to apply my concealer.


"Don't be scared. I not going to poke your eye,"

"I am sorry I am just not used to it,"
The make up lady who I found out name is Nicole tried to help me relax as she did my eyeliner. I never really put it on because I feel like it doesn't suite me and I always got scared that I might poke my eye or something.

After a few minutes Nicole takes a step back before allowing me to open my eyes and take a look at myself.


I looked different.

In a very good way. The eyeshadow wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as Nicole has applied it lightly making around my eyes look shiny. I love it! I turn to give Nicole a hug.

"Thank you so much Nicole," she gently gives me a pat on my back before pulling away.

"I haven't finished. I have to curl your hair sweetie," I nodded as she side parts my hair before starting to curl it. I could see through the mirror that Mrs Lee was watching me quietly and for the first time since I got here she isn't looking at me in spite or disgust but she isn't also looking at me as if she is proud.

She looks emotionless.

Nicole sees Mrs Lee and turns to face her while letting one of my curls down.

"What do you think of Michelle's new look?" Mrs Lee continues to stare emotionless before letting out a sign and walking of away.

"I am going to take this as a good sign and continue," I kept my head still for her to continue with my hair. After a few more minutes of hair pulling, combing and curling Nicole was done.

I smiled at my reflection.

"Thanks again Nicole!" She jumped up and down with excitement as she looked at me.

"I can't believe I did your hair and makeup up successfully! I have never been able to do anything great like really great," she looked at me proudly.

"There is a first for everything." I say while examining my new hair.

"You are sure right," Nicole looked at her watch before grabbing my arm.

"It is time for you to get changed," I allowed her to drag me away but I couldn't help but feel like I am being watched so I looked back to see a stone cold Mrs Lee staring at me.

I quickly turned around and concentrate on where I am being dragged to.

Today is going to be interesting.

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