Chapter 59 (The real goodbye!)

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I slid Skylar, Kate, Gerald and Bradley cards under their accommodation door. I didn't want to say goodbye or even look at them for a last time. I just want to remember them laughing as we ran back to our block and viewed the pictures taken after the creaming.

I went to sit on my bed as I waited for Jasmine to text me. I held Jack's card in my hand as my heart starts to ache. Why did I fall deep? I was wearing his necklace and his ring. Since he gave it to me I have been wearing it everywhere eventhough it's meant for special occasions. I looked out my window and saw people pulling their cases and hugging their friends while smiling. I don't think I would be smiling much.

Just then my phone vibrated and I looked down to see my dad had texted me.

We are in the car park. Weirdly enough I can't help but feel like we are in the exact same one and spot as the day when we dropped you.

I grabbed one of my suit case and made my way out with it. The paparazzi were outside and when they saw me they started snapping away. I walked all the way to the car park where my dad was and the minute he saw me he rushed over before giving me a huge hug. My mum was about to get out of the car then she saw the camera men and stayed in.

Dad pulled away before taking my case and putting it in the car boot. We couldn't say much because the paparazzi were very close and I knew they would be listening.

Jasmine got out of the car before giving me a brief hug.

"Let's just do what we did before. You two go inside and grab as much stuff as possible and come put it in the car. Do this until everything is in."

Me and Jasmine both nodded to what dad said before going of towards my block. The paparazzi were snapping more pictures of the both of us so I gave Jasmine the signal not to say anything. Once inside my room Jasmine grabbed two of my other suit cases while I grabbed three boxes.

We went back outside to the car and put our things inside. The paparazzi were not making things easy for us because they kept blocking out way causing us to be slower than usual. After we were done Jasmine sat on the bed in my accommodation while I cleaned the room a bit.

"I can't believe you are leaving here. Feels like you have been here for years," I nodded quietly.

"But I actually want to leave. I am tired Jasmine." We sat in silence for a while then Jasmine stood up yawning and stretching. "Well look at the time! It's my bedtime." I looked my watched before frowning at her.

"It's 4:13pm."

"Wow. I am a minute late," I snorted at this before standing to my feet too.

"Let's leave then Jasmine."

"Have you said goodbye to your friends?"


"Ok let's go," we went outside and was once again greeted with the paparazzi.

"So Michelle how have you been?"

"Are you going back to London?"

"Did Jack's mum set you up?"

I didn't answer anything until I heard someone shout my name. The voice was familiar but I carried on walking till I got to the car then I heard it again.


I looked back to see Kate, Skylar, Bradley and Gerald. Kate was holding my card and crying. I quickly rushed to her and hugged her.

"You were going to leave us without a word!"

"I hate goodbyes!" Never done them.

"So this wasn't all a Joke?" Skylar asked quietly. "Jame really wanted sex in exchange of grades."

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