Chapter 34

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James had layed out the exams on our desk and I was ready. More ready than I will ever be. I sat at my desk and wrote my name and details at the front before listening out for when to start the actual paper. When I was given the go ahead I quickly started answering the questions.

The exam was manageable.

So I should be able to look at my result and see something which is manageable for my heart. I gave myself a very small smile as I looked through my test. The test had five questions which had to be answered well and I made sure to do that. After the exam was over I went of into the study room to make sure that the other exams go according to plan.

Once I walked into study I was consumed in quietness and knew that there is no way a change can happen. Like in the change in the library. I sit quietly on the chair and place my backpack on the table gently before taking my stuff out from my bag. My eyes catch onto the Mirror newspaper so I reach to grab it and see that I am on the front cover of it. There is a picture of me and Jack sitting in the car and going to my birthday treat.

At the corner of the page is a small sub heading which says:

"The Kardashina's are not happy with the new changes!"

I wasn't sure if this was because they aren't one of the main feature in newspapers as much but if it is then I can't blame them.

I knew they wouldn't be happy.

Why would they be when me and Jack are always taking up the front cover?

I was right when I said my life would change. I pushed the newspaper away before taking my note book, pen and text book.

Time to go over everything. Today I fight like a bull to ensure I am doing well.

OK forget the bull part.

I just fight for the best grade I can get.


When I got back to my accommodation I changed into comfortable clothes before calling my mum to see how she and everyone else is doing. My mum's phone rang twice before she picked it up.

"Hey sweetie how are you?"

"I am good mum. I know I spoke to all of you very late yesterday but I wanted to check how your day was going today?"

It was true. After I removed my drenched clothes and had a shower I quickly went to Skype my parents and Jasmine.

"It's going great so far. Work has been tiring but luckily I am done for today. Your dad is still work right now and Jasmine is out with some friends and should be back soon," I couldn't help but worry a bit about Jasmine. She was getting bullied before so just knowing that she out with people from school makes me feel slightly stressed. I hope she is being sensible.

"That's good mum. I am glad everything is good. Here is good too. I just have some annoying small test coming up but don't worry I am tackling them one by one."

"That's my girl."

"And I am soon going to be home for Christmas," my mum let out a little laugh.

"Your thinking of Christmas Michelle? We are still in early November but then I don't blame you and Jasmine for being excited me and your dad buy you a lot and over feed you on Christmas day," when she said 'over feed' Jack's mum face came into my mind and her warning about me eating the rolls.

"Hello Michelle are you there?"

"Yes I think someone is knocking I am going to check the door," she let out a sign.

"Becareful sweetie!"

"I will. And I will call back and tell you the outcomes."

I put my phone down before laying on my back on the bed. I lied no one was knocking on my door I just needed time to process. My mum said she over feeds us on Christmas but I can't help but feel like I am eating too much daily. I get my marker and start writing down what I have eaten and drank today.



Orange juice.

Fish and chips.


I think I have had enough for today. I changed into my track suit and black trainers quickly before getting my water bottle. I am going to the gym. Just as I was leaving Kate walked out in a track suit too and she examined me carefully.

"You going gym too?" She asked looking shocked a bit.

"Yes," I replied as I held tightly onto my bottle.

"I am too let's go!" And with that we both quickly made our way out of the block.

"So tell me Michelle how has your new celebrity life been?"

"Weird and interesting," I see flashes from a far and let out a small sigh.

"OK the paparazzi are here Kate." She looked at the flashes before freaking out.

"What should I do?"

"Just be calm."

"Uhh OK," we walked cautiously and quietly as the paparazzi came into our view. They were recording us as we walked which I guess was fine.

We didn't have a choice.

We turned into the gym and went in to fix a deal with the the guy behind a counter. "£20 a month," me and Kate looked at each other before shrugging our shoulders and paying. He gave us both gym cards before saying "this month is going to be the best month I have ever had." He then proceeded to lick his lips and wink at us making Kate shiver and me want to hide in a plastic bag.

We both went into the gym and headed for the treadmill.

"This is the only thing I can use here!" Kate stated as she got on one. I got on the other and started to use it. I started on medium speed then I slowly increased it. I felt great on this! I continued for a few minutes with Kate before she stopped making me stop. "I can't do this any more Michelle! I am going McDonald's!" She tried to leave but I grabbed her arm.

"You can't ruin your hard work. Are you seriously going to blow of 20 minutes of exercise?" Kate didn't care about anything I said and successfully got out of my grip before running out of the gym.

I ran after in hope that I can convince her to come back to the gym.

My plan failed.

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