Chapter 2

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I finally got home and was in my bedroom starring out the window. My head was kind of aching due to the braids and I was still mentally debating if I should contact this number or not.

What if it was Jack's number?

But it wasn't like I had much to loose.  These people don't me and I don't know them. I decided to text the girl.

Hey Lucy, I was the black girl who spoke to you at the store. We kind of argued over a backpack.

I read the text and realised how stupid it was so I rewrote it.

Hey Lucy it's me the girl you gave the bag to in SELECT. You told me to look in the pocket of the bag and I found a note telling me to contact you. My name is Michelle.

I put my phone down and continued to look out the window. "Michelle! Come down your dad is here." I quickly made my way down the stairs. My dad must be back from work. Mum always made us spend evening together and would call me and Jasmine to go down to the living room.

I entered the living room and went straight to hug my dad. I loved my dad. He pulled away from me before eyeing me carefully. "Wait I think I see something on your forehead." I reached to touch my head but my dad beat me to it. His fingers traced my forehead. "It's words Michelle. It says 'university starts tomorrow so it's time to go to bed.' I mean it Michelle." I rolled my eyes before going to exit the living room.

"Have you packed up well Michelle?" Mum asked

"Yes mum."

"I will drop you off tomorrow," my dad offered.

I thanked him before leaving. Wow today evening was unusual. I ran back upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my phone when I saw 3 messages on the screen. I unlocked my phone to reveal the messages:

Hey Michelle
Thanks for helping us.
Good luck in uni.

I thanked Lucy for the bag and wished her luck on her first day back to school before getting my laptop out. I went on Google and immediately searched the names Chris Lee and Diamond Stewart. A picture of a blonde haired man and a woman with brown hair popped up. The man was wearing a suit and the woman was in a red long dress. They looked stunning.

I looked through the pictures and saw of picture of them carrying Lucy while Jack stood next to them smiling. I dug more into the family and saw that their parents own hug companies and when they got married they but both their companies together and call it the CQR. I saw more pictures of Lucy and realised that she was in small adverts in the past and her brother Jack was even in a movie. This explains why a lot of people were surrounding them.

Why would famous children go out into the public without even trying to disguise themselves? Maybe they were hoping to see more clueless people like me.

Both Lucy and Jack had YouTube channels so I decided to check Lucy's one first. She had posted a 50 second video called "my sort of last message". I clicked on it and Lucy started talking.

"Hey guys I will be returning back to school soon so I wouldn't be able to post a lot of videos online. But if you want to keep up to date with my life please follow me on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and instagram. Yes I know I am far too young to have social media accounts but I do so please check them out. I haven't made any products but my brother has some phone cases on sale and guys guess what?" Lucy leaned closer to the camera. "It all has a secret word in it and if you get all the cases you would be able to put the words together to make a sentence. Whoever can do this will be flown all the way to London and would be helping my parents test their products. If you are interested more information is in the description below. Thanks guys for sticking around. Now is my bedtime so bye!"

The video ended there and I couldn't believe that this nine years old had so much confidence. When I was nine I could barely say hi. I felt too curious now so I went on his channel and saw that the last video he had posted was about his dog.

In the video he is basically playing with the dog and doing tricks with him. The video soon ended as it was very short.

After a while I shut down my laptop and set it aside. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day and I was kind of excited for it.

It's time to get my beauty sleep.

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