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The Assistant of God... or Something Along Those Lines by dragonsam656
The Assistant of God... or Sam656
What might happen if a higher being, like a god, for instance, were to kill someone? It seems he/she seize to exist, erasing all memories and traces that prove he/she ev...
I KNOW My MAFIA Man by zigzaglove_zz
{Completed} #1 mafia series "She was the drug for him, a drug which partially mended him and destroyed him." ANYA, moves to New York for having a fresh start...
 My Black Beauty  by Georgia_135
My Black Beauty by Georgia_135
Michelle is going to university where she will be away from family, old friends and her home town. She isn't worried about that though because she knows this is her only...
DOUBT by listen-to-the-Khan
DOUBTby The Female Khan
"I wasn't looking for love, I was looking for the next highest score of FIFA-15" "I wasn't looking for a wife, I was looking for a paid internship at Go...
Moving On. by listen-to-the-Khan
Moving The Female Khan
This was not supposed to happen, they were not supposed to meet. An angry young Pashtun with his ego problems was not supposed to fall for the Americanized version of a...
Winter's Dance (#1 Ruthen Quartet) by firedance_icesong
Winter's Dance (#1 Ruthen Quartet)by Quill Secret
(Completed) Two assassins were set to kill a girl. No questions asked. Just kill her and claim their prize. That was their mission. Except one of them was not supposed t...
Republic city high  by Makorra_4_ever
Republic city high by Makorra_4ever_and_always
Korra is new to Republic city high and isn't a big fan of the popular .... that is until she met Mako Anderson .... modern with no bending Some violence in the ending c...
Blaze (#1 Evenfall Series) by firedance_icesong
Blaze (#1 Evenfall Series)by Quill Secret
Note to self: never go hunting in the night. It may lead you to many problems. Some include being branded as a murderer for a murder you might have stopped, and the othe...
Marrying Mr. Arrogant by Imaan00
Marrying Mr. Arrogantby Imaan
"What are you doing here?" I hiss through clenched teeth, stepping closer so that nobody is able to hear. He smirks but speaks in a harsh tone. "I know I'...
Lie To Me by SelahJoy_
Lie To Meby Selah Joy
Raven's many talents have elevated her to a position of prestige far above that of the common criminal. But when she crafts a scheme that involves outwitting one of the...
Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian Tales - Book 1 by BaileyBookandSketch
Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian BaileyBookandSketch
Power has a price. No Half Bloods know this better than the Lifs and Lifthrasirs, possessing the power of Yggdrasil itself, able to manipulate the dimensions of Life and...
Words & Spaces by Jennipher91
Words & Spacesby Sarah
~A collection of poems~ I dipped my fingertips in an ocean of words and painted the sky in the colours of my soul. See the world through my eyes. No themes or boundarie...
Eternal Love💖 by Mekhna
Eternal Love💖by The Little Author
💕"if Loving someone is a sin there is no fault in commiting that sin and there is no one who had escaped from that sin"💕 💞This is the story of Mekhna,who co...
Breaking Point ✔ by leighyeann
Breaking Point ✔by Leighyeann A. Mies
2018 Leighyeann A. Mies All rights reserved cover by me character banners by @HeartlessVibes banners on each chapter by @soundthealarm playlist and playlist cover by @La...
The Night Crawler by RakaParamita11
The Night Crawlerby 영지
23 years old Ashley Richardson, a young brilliant woman who love to study about forensic suddenly thrown into 19th century London after her friend gone and she encounter...
I couldn't face him, it was harder than I thought it would be. When I looked at him when he was turned away from me, even though we were only a few feet away, our...
Spotlight « Season 2 ( C L o S E D ) by onemiseli
Spotlight « Season 2 ( C L o S E Daniel Miseli
We're back with Season 2. You're a talented author but still undiscovered? Need more confidence? Chase the biggest S P O T L I G H T and get the attention you deserve! •...
I'm a lady not a fool by b-catherine
I'm a lady not a foolby Bardi oomola Catherine
We all need to understand, that no one is on your side. You only have you and yourself to trust. _________follow Damola unu in her journey to prove that she isn't a fool...
Twisted by writingfanfictionns
Twistedby BIANCA
1st place in Fiction (The Frozen Awards) Years ago, an experiment failed, a life was lost, a power was gained... But we are not here to talk about the past, this is the...