Chapter 29

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Chris had shown me the chocolate fountain and sat me down next to him on a sofa. I was surprised at how nice he was being to me despite me falling on him and not having his wife's approval.

"We got the fountain for Christmas and have been using it since. Are you sure you don't want fruits covered in chocolate?" I shook my head as I smiled.

"No Thank you Chris but thank you for the offer."

"So what course are you doing in university?"

"Sociology and Criminology." His eyes widened at what I had just said.

"That's seems interesting. How is it going?"

It's awkward because of James.

"It's very good. I like it a lot." Chris looked down at his hand as he twists his wedding ring around his finger.

"Sorry Michelle," his sudden happy mood is replaced with a sad one. I scooted a bit closer to him.

"About what Sir?"

"About my wife and how she walked of the last time," I quickly shooed what he said. It wasn't that bad what she did and maybe she wasn't in the mood that day.

"It's OK Chris. I understand," he looked up and smile at me.

"Thank you Michelle." After a few more minutes of us talking he led me to the dinning room.

"I know you and Lucy have gotten closer so maybe you two can sit next to each other and Jack can sit on your other side,"

I was kind of happy with this arrangement so I went and placed myself with Lucy who excitedly pulled me into a hug.

"Where is Jack?" I looked around in hope of seeing him but there wasn't any sign of him. "I am not sure Lucy but I am sure he is coming soon." Lucy nodded and grabbed my hand in hers as I smiled. Just then Jack's mum walked in looking very beautiful in a light pink skirt and pink matching top with heels she went to sit with her husband then our eyes locked and she said something to her husband before making her way over to me.

"Michelle right?" I nodded as I smiled at her. She offered me her hand and I took it as she gave me a hard firm shake.

"Nice to officially meet you." She let go and took her seat in front of me.

"Nice to meet you too Mrs Lee."

"The rice dishes would be ready soon and the potato dishes so we should be eating soon." I started to wonder where Jack was at this moment. I really wanted and needed him.

Like now.

If Jack had really left me in his house then he better hope I don't see him ever again!

"So tell me about your position. Where are you educationally?" Jack's mum asked as she flipped her hair back.

"I am in university and I am doing sociology and Criminology." Jack's mum scrunched up her face in disgust as if I had said I am studying the formation bull crap. She then looked up at me and studied me well. I saw her eyes slowly going up to my hair.

"Braids huh? How long have you had them on?"

"A few weeks."

"What is the purpose of them?" Jack's mum asked tilting her head to the side.

"It helps grow my hair." Her eyes widened as she points at my Braids. 

"So that's not real?" What is this woman actually trying to do?

I looked down at my hands thinking of a smart way to answer her but she puts her hand on top of my before saying

"Don't worry. I can help sort out your hair." Her hand pressed against my painfully.

I looked at where her husband Chris was and he was busy in a conversation with other people and looked way happier than I will ever be here.

Even he knew his wife was so bad he didn't sit with her. I mentally groaned at my situation. I gently removed my hand from hers.

"My hair doesn't need fixing. I like the way it is. I guess after a few weeks I can take the Braids out and do it again but that's all."

All signs of fake kindness left Jack's mum's face and she leaned in forward.

"Listen to me and listen carefully. It's worse enough that Jack is with you because it's ruining the family image. There is no way you are having those Braids. Unless I say so." She looked me in the eye with coldness and after a while she reached and took something from my face.

"It's an eyelash. Why not make a wish?" She said holding it to me.

Just as I reached for it she pulled her hand back with the eyelash.

"In fact let me do it. I wish to never see those ugly Braids again." She then blew the eyelash before giving me a tight smile.

The catering team came with the rice dishes and potatoes which came with its own type of stew. They place a bit of food on each table and we had to share it. Jack's mum didn't even ask what I wanted and just put some rice on my plate with some random stew.

Hold it in Michelle! After today you are never coming back!

I took my folk and started to eat my rice with it. I would have usually had this with a spoon but Jack's mum was eating with a folk and I didn't want any questions.

Suddenly Jack's mum looked up at me and saw me eating with a folk only.

"What are you doing?" I looked at her embarrassed by her question. Lucy had stopped eating and was looking at her mum.

"Mummy what is wrong?" Her mum rolled her eyes before answering.

"She isn't eating with her knife. She is a silly girl isn't she Lucy?" Her mum said as she handed me a knife. I attempted to use it like the way Jack's mum did but I couldn't. I was so used to having a spoon with rice dishes.

"Would you like some dear?" I looked up to see a woman in a apron and cap holding a tray of spring rolls. I smiled and thanked her as I reached to take some but a hard slap made contact with my hand. "Michelle you can't eat those," Jack's mum said with wide eyes.

"Why not?"

"It's full of chicken and barbecue sauce."

"What's so bad about?" She shrugged her shoulders.

"Well it isn't bad for any of us but I think you are quite a big girl so I am not sure if this is good for you."

I looked at her shocked at what she had just said. I looked at the woman with a cap and apron and she gave me a sympathetic look.

"You know what your right. Excuse me please I need to go to the toilets."

"Bathroom," Jack's mum said.

"Excuse me?"

"It's the bathroom not toilets."

I quickly got up from my seat and left. As I was leaving me and Chris made eye contact. He looked slightly worried so I smiled at me just so that he is at ease.

What have I gotten myself into?


Where the hell is Jack?

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