Chapter 32 (Part 2 of birthday)

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Sometimes in life you actually get what you want. This doesn't always happen but when it does it can come as a shock.

I got my shock on my birthday evening. It came as a knock on my door. I was wearing my pink top and a dungaree dress on top with Nike sliders and was getting ready to Skype my parents and Jasmine when someone knocked on my door.

I thought it was Skylar or Kate as I haven't really spoken to them recently due to them being busy with their 'man'. I peeked through the peek hole and saw Jack in a navy suit. He had a rose in his pocket and he looked so...


And beautiful.

I could describe him using many words even 'sexy' but let me just stay appropriate and describe him as 'handsome'.

Why had he dressed up so nicely? He always wore black suits even when we were at the ball and at his family gathering he was in black but today was different.

I wonder what the special occasion is.

I opened my door slowly and he looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey Michelle," he took the rose out of his blazer pocket before handing it to me. "Happy birthday Michelle and I am so sorry for leaving you at the gathering. It was very unkind and horrible of me to. The beer got the best of me."

"That's OK. I have recovered," he started shifting from one foot to the other.

"Can I take you out Michelle?" I looked down at what I was wearing.

"Yes sure. I will go change into something warm Jack." I was about to turn into my room when he grabbed my arm.

"Do you have your key on you?" I reached at the peg near my light switch and pulled it.

"I do but just-Jack what are you doing?"

Jack lifted me from the ground before throwing me over his shoulder.

"I have blankets and jackets let go!" I started wiggling my legs in hope he puts me down but he started to spank me.

Talk about embarrassment!

"Please put me down," I shouted as Skylar door opens she walks out of her room and when she sees me and Jack her eyes widen as she quickly rushed to the main door and opens it so we can go out.

She mouths a good luck to me before disappearing. Once outside Jack walks us to his car before automatically opening his door and placing me on the passenger seat. Before going to his side he leaned in very close to me.

"At least now I know I have you with me," he closed the door gently before running of to his side.

He got into the car and started the engine before making his way out of the parking lot. I saw a few flashes indicating that the paparazzi are around.

I couldn't help but smile.

They never give up.

As Jack makes his way out of the university campus the song hero starts playing in the car and I rested my head back and listen to the song.

"I love this song," I said as I looked at Jack. He reached over and raised the volume of the song.

"I can be your hero baby! I can kiss you in the rain!" Jack sang making me laugh gently.

"I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away," he looks at me as he sings, making me stare into his eyes. He looks back onto the road as the song ends. The rest of the journey is quiet and soon we are met with a big black gate as the gate slowly opened. I started to feel nervous a bit. The place looks fancy which made me think that his family might be here too. I mean he wouldn't bring just me here alone.

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