Chapter 23 (The ending of the Halloween scare!)

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"Why am I getting game night vibes from your story?" The guy who's real name was Bradley asked.

"Because what we went through was exactly like the movie. I planned a scared but the scare had a plan for me too," Kate said as we sat on the sofa in Bradley's living room. That's right we went to the place he was staying in for a few days. He insisted we stayed for the night and left tomorrow morning. At first Kate and Skylar gave me unsure looks as they remembered what happened between me and Bradley so I get them reassuring looks. They looked far to tired to drive and the fact we didn't have an accident was a miracle and I liked it to stay that way. "It's OK,"I whispered. They nodded before making small talk with Bradely. After a while of siting in the living room I started to feel the tiredness take over my body as I made an excuse for telling my parents and Jasmine I loved them randomly.

I just wanted you guys to know and I am in my room going to bed now. Goodnight!

Jack had called and texted me about going to his place next week so I told him it's ok before sending a quick goodnight message to him. After that I put my phone away before rubbing my eyes. "Are you tired?" Bradley asked while looking at me.
"Yes." He stood up and I followed him. "I will show you your room." We got to the end of the corridor and there was a blue door. He pushed it open before putting the light on. "Inside here is a bathroom with spare things to use. There are some spare pajamas here too so if you change into those I can wash what you are currently wearing." I nodded before he left, "I will come and get your clothes later." Then his gaze went down to my trainers. "And I will clean your trainers." With that he left. I don't know why but he seemed like a different person but I couldn't trust him still. I quickly showered and got changed into the pink light thigh high pajama dress and before folding up my clothes and placing then in the washing basket. I sat on the bed and started playing with my braids. A lot of things have happened since I started this attending this university. I tried thinking of how my life was like in sixth form and I couldn't imagine it. It felt like too long ago. I started to feel sleepy so I lay down and closed my eyes in time for the figure to enter the room.


Heat and rain. That's all I felt and heard. The room was very warm and I could hear the rain slapping against the window. I looked at the time and saw that it was 9 30 am. I said a quick thank you prayer to God before getting up and heading to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and had a shower before wrapping myself up in a towel. I went back into my room and saw the clothes I wore last night washed and folded in the corner. My mud which was on my trainers had been washed of making them look new once again. I smiled as I wore my clothes on.

I feel clean. And I could smell bacon!

I grabbed my phone before running down the stairs to see Skylar in the kitchen. "Hey Michelle how are you feeling?"
"Good. You?"
"The same. I am making bacon." I smiled at her before looking down at the bacon in the pan which is going to end up in my stomach soon.

"Is Kate and Bradely awake?"

"Bradely is but he is in the shower and Kate is still leaving. Bradley said he would walk us to our car and make sure we have enough fuel to take us back."

"That's nice of him."

"And different," Skylar added as her eyes sparkled.

She was right.

An hour later we had all had some bacon with white lovely buns which were had a thin layer of butter inside.
Kate had gotten ready for us to leave and Bradely was ready to walk us back.

I had never been happier to go out in the rain.

"We came in a black BMW car." Kate explained as she looked for the car.

"That is probably the only decent car around the castle because the others are all old fashion," Bradely explained.  We eventually found the car and Skylar gasped when she saw it. 

"OMG look at what they did!" She pointed at a small scratch which was barley visible. And still quite invisible up close.

"Quit whining at least you have your car back," Bradley said as Skylar continued to whine. "The car looked better before," Bradely rolled his eyes before leaving us and walking away. "Hey!" I said making him turn to look at me.

"Thanks for allowing us to stay at your place and for practically saving us."

"Your not welcome." He said but he was smiling so I let him of. It's not like I could do anything. I looked at Kate and Skylar who had a shocked expressions on their face. I guess they couldn't believe I actually spoke to Bradley as I was quiet the whole night when with him.

"Come on let's go. Lets get out of here!" We all jumped into the car before Skylar drove us out of Liverpool.

Home here we come!

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