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Hey guys I just want to thank you again for reading my book US. It was very hard writing the book as it brought back sad memories.

But guys do not worry this story wouldn't be sad like the previous one so you don't need to get your tissues out!

Like I have said previously. Please DO NOT COPY MY STORY. It takes up a lot of time for me to write a book on here so please don't try to copy or take the idea and make into your own.

You would be going against the copyright act when copying my story which isn't worth it. You all are beautiful and creative so I am sure you can come up with awesome ideas.

I do hope you enjoy my story. My purpose is to entertain and if you feel like you have been please vote and comment on this story and please do the same for the book US. PRETTY PLEASE follow me and I will be following the first 50 back.

Without further ado I welcome to you my black beauty.

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