Chapter 49

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"Pinch punch first day of the month!" Jasmine screamed while jumping around.

Today was the first day of a new month. It was December. I couldn't believe I had only been in this university for three months yet it felt like I had done years here!

"I actually wish you were here to pinch me Jasmine?" She giggled before taking a seat.

"Don't worry Michelle when we pick you up I am going to pinch you so hard your going to regret wishing that!"

My eyes widened at a past memory of her once pinching me.

"Actually you know what forget what I said!"

"Hell no," I groaned as she laughed.

"So Michelle or should I call you black beauty hero?"

"Michelle is good," she smiled before continuing.

"Mum and dad say that you have been making the most of your uni days! How are you doing it Michelle?"

"I honestly don't know," I said as I look up at the ceiling.

Just fake a relationship with the owner of Atmosphere Jasmine and you should be fine!

If the person isn't married.

And is willing.

And isn't too old.

"Would me, mum and dad ever meet Jack? I saw in the newspaper articles that you have seen his family,"

I didn't actually think of that. I wasn't sure if Jack would want to meet my family. But then again he did make me meet his mother who is one hell of a woman and not in a good way.

If I have survived his mother's rathe I am pretty sure he would survive interrogation from my dad.

"You guys would definitely meet him. And you can meet his little sister Lucy! She is way younger than you but she has a YouTube channel. I will send you the link. Get used to her cuteness before you end up pulling her cheeks of her face when you officially meet her."

Jasmine laughed at what I said before agreeing to check Lucy's YouTube channel. After a few minutes of talking we ended the chat and I decided to go to Kate's room seeing as Skylar was there. I knocked on the door and Kate opened it before pulling me inside.

"Merry Christmas Michelle!" Kate said as she hugged me. I looked over Kate shoulder at Skylar and she just smiled while jumping around.

"Let the party begin!" Just then I heard the intro of 'all I want for Christmas'.

Skylar started to sing: "I don't want a lot of Christmas! There is just one thing I need! I don't care about the pressents underneath the Christmas tree! I just want you for my own more than you can ever know make my wish come trueeeee," Kate stands on the bed and joins Skylar.

"All I want for Christmas isssss youuuuuuu," Kate jumps of the bed as her and Skylar hold hands and start dancing around. I laugh as I watch them dance through the whole song and when the song ends Skylar and Kate plop themselves onto the ground. Skylar starts pulling on my jeans "sit down Michelle!"

I sit and Kate gets three wrapped up parcels which were in difficult shapes. I couldn't tell what it could be.

"Umm guys you do know Christmas is in 24 days right?" Skylar puts a hand to her mouth as she fakes a shocked expression.

"Oh no Michelle what are we going to do. We are celebrating Christmas early! Ahhhhhhhh!!!" I look at Kate who rolls her eyes at Skylar before placing the parcel in front of us.

"Right girls we are playing pass the parcel. So in case you don't remember how to play we are going to pass a parcel around and when the song ends who ever is holding it opens it and uses it on the 8th December."

"What is the 8th December?" I askes and Kate smirks.

"You are about to find out and trust me you are going to love it!"

Skylar reaches for the pink small speaker before contecting it to her phone through Bluetooth. She turns and looks down at us.

"What song should I play?" Skylar askes as she looks through her phone.

"Solo by Demi Lovato!" Kate explains excitedly.

The song plays and Skylar quickly sits down as we start passing one of the smaller parcels around. Kate and Skylar start wiggling around as we continue to pass the parcel around. When it was getting to the chorus Kate stood up and started dancing while throwing the parcel around. When getting to end we started throwing the parcel at each other at a fast pace.

No one ever wants the small gift.

The song ended and Skylar was holding the parcel. "Open it!" We screamed at her and she opened the wrapping and pulled out a big tub of confetti. Skylar looked carefully at it before giving Kate a dull look.

Kate looked ready to laugh.

"Why the hell would you give me confetti?"

"Your going to need it on the-"

"-Yh Yh 8th December," Skylar frowned as she put the confetti away.

"What song should we play next?" I asked no one in particular.

"Beautiful by Bazzi and Camila Cabello," Skylar said and I nodded as the song played loudly through the speakers. The song wasn't really upbeat so we just passed the second parcel which was big, quietly and at normal pace.

"If the song stops and Skylar gets it she will have to pass it onto the person who is next. The song ended and Kate had the pacel in her hands. She quickly opened it without hesitation and pulled out what looked like a water gun.

"I am glad I got the cream gun! I feel like I would be able to use this well," I stared at Kate in shock as she held her cream gun proudly.

"I never knew cream guns were actually sold!"

"It's not. I had to make special enquiries to get hold of one,"

"Here!" Kate said as she handed me the parcel left. I opened it and saw a brown leather box. I looked up at the two of them in excitement before opening it. I saw two things inside. The first was sticky tape which had the words 'shut the fish up' all over it.

"You are going to need to use the tape Michelle," I picked up the second item which was chocolates and sweets in one bag.

"Why do I have these?" I asked as I held up the chocolates and sweets.

"Seeing as everyone has got their gift I might as well explain," Kate got on the bed and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Well eventhough I am kind of dating Gerald I find it fascinating how we haven't been able to spray him or his friend Bradley."

"My man!" Skylar says with a hair flip making me smile.

"Whatever. With the gifts here we would be able to get back at Gerald and even Bradley for the recent attack! School ends on the 9th so if we can do this on the 8th and leave for Christmas and for the safety of our lives that would be brilliant,"

I started laughing at Kate's explanation. "Kate this a great idea but we need to plan this properly. We need to make sure we can actually escape without them doing anything stupid."

"That's why we have tape and chocolate. To keep them where we want them."

"What about the confetti?" Skylar asked.

"Well posting on my instagram a picture of two guys covered in cream looks very wrong so I thought why not make it fun and colourful."

Skylar smiled as she looked at the both of us.

"This might be the best December 8th ever."

"No Skylar it will be the best. It's the day we get creamvenge!"

Yes Kate made the word up.

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