Chapter 47 (Lets do it part 2)

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The next day me and Jack had decided to go to his place and I was prepared. I had my pepper spray ready and I was in the worst mood ever because I was hungry. Yesterday I didn't eat anything and today I had the smallest bowl of cornflakes ever so Jack's mum should sense my mood and tred carefully because I haven't used my pepper spray since I got it last year but I am ready to.

I don't even know if it will do its job of protecting me. It has been in my drawer for a year. Would it even burn?

I zipped up my small bag before concentrating my mind on the road ahead.

Jack was driving and it was kind of raining which is good because it means I wouldn't be photographed.

Paparazzi wouldn't stand outside in the rain right?

I am tired of leaving early and being seen by the paparazzi. I am tired of seeing articles about why I left Jacks  home early. Jack soon parks his car outside his home before turning the engine off.

"Now there is no point in me telling you that we are going to be together this evening because we would be,"

I clapped and cheered at what he said, "I am happy you now understand Jack."

He gave me the dullest look ever making me giggle at his expression.

"When at the preparation if things are awkward then text me OK. Text me or call me. I am going to checking my phone a lot."

"OK dad," Jack snorted before getting out of the car and rushing to the other side to get me out. I thanked him before he grabbed my hand and led me to the door. Jack was about to open it when his mother got to it quickly.

"Oh sweetie!" Then his mother threw her arms around me as I froze. Did she hug me? Nahh there is a catch to it. Maybe it's her silent way of insulting me.

In her head she is probably thinking 'let me just hug her to feel how big she is and see what I am dealing with.' Jacks mum pulled away before leaning forward to kiss Jack on the cheek.

"I am glad you both are here for the preparation of the ball," she grabbed my arm and Jacks before pulling us into the house.

I couldn't help but notice the tight grip Jack's mum had on my wrist which was starting to hurt. I tried pulling away but she tugged harder and tighter. Once in the living room Jack's mum let's go of him before continuing to pull me towards the stairs. I turned back and gave him the 'save me' look but I think he got confused with the 'I will see you later' look because he smiled and even gave me a small wave.

Jack will never know or understand the torment his mother put me through.

When climbing up the stairs I tried getting out of his mother's grip but she held on and dragged me into the same room I was in before. She pushed me into a chair before closing the door and turning on the lights.

"I can't believe I have to prepare you for the ball. I would rather clean a dogs waste for an hour than help you,"

Well of course she would pick that option she cleans after a herself everyday!

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!

"What should I do?" I asked as I tried to keep my smile hidden. Yes I smile when I insult people in my head.

"You need to get rid of those ugly braids within 2 days," I nodded in response.

"Now. Try this suit on," she pulled out a light pink blazer and a pencil skirt which probably would reach my knees. She lay the clothes on the bed before placing one hand on her hips.

"There is a bathroom just next door. Go and get changed there," I grabbed them and just as I was about to leave she handed me a white top before pulling me back to say "those clothes better fit because if not you can't come to the ball."

I quickly left and locked myself in the bathroom. I leaned against the door and let myself slide down the door. I looked down at the clothes in my hands.

If it doesn't fit I can't go to the ball. It's not like I care but Jack would like me to be there as his date.

I took my clothes of and wore the white top first. I didn't really like it much but it fit me so I guess I am saved. I put the blazer on and found out it seemed too big on me. But it's better big than small.

I personally think it's cute when a blazer is big on you.

Lastly the skirt. I was worried about the skirt because I know I don't have the smallest thighs. One hand can't go around my whole thigh or even close to going around my thigh but two hands can...I feel like I am insulting my own self.

I put one leg in the skirt before trying to move around a bit. OK there is room. I put my other leg in the skirt and started to pull the skirt up until it was in the right position. The thigh area felt a bit tight but I guess that's the whole point of pencil skirts.

I turned and looked in the mirror. I couldn't help but notice how big I looked in the suit. I guess I looked like the way Jacks mum wanted me to but I couldn't help but feel fat.

And ugly.

I unlocked myself and went into the room and stood in front of Jacks mum while placing my hands on my hips.

"How is it?" She stared at me for a while before picking up her phone and using it. After a while she put her phone away before giving me a bored look.

"What do you want me to say? Magnificent? Beautiful? You should know that in this family we don't lie but I can see that you have taught Jack to."

I couldn't help but be amused by what she just said.

"I didn't ask for a life story. I asked how do I look?"

She stood up and looked me straight in the eye.

"You look ugly, fat and hideous. The outfit doesn't suit you but it's the cheapest one I could find," Jack's mum walked to the door before turning to me.

"Take of the outfit. It's going back to the rent shop. I will rent it again for you when the ball is near" I couldn't help but open my mouth in shock. She is renting my outfit. The media would soon pick up on this and they would write articles and it would be discussed how I wear rented clothes.

"Oh and by the way Jack said he wanted you to stay over for dinner which is a horrible thing for him to do. Can't he see you bloating?  Anyways I advice you sit with me and Amy that way I can pick the type of food you should be having."

She smiled at me and left the room without waiting for a response. I sat on my bed feeling myself getting bigger and bigger by minute.

I should have asked Jacks mother if she has cornflakes.

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