Chapter 20

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Days and weeks went by fast and nothing much was happening which I kind of liked. I would go to my lectures and James would smile at me and occasionally bite his lip when looking at me but I managed to look away because I might...laugh. I am being dead serious. His trying to be 'sexy' made me want to die of laughter.

Once in a while me and Jack would hold hands and walk around the campus while some camera men took pictures and asked me if I am wearing gucci which I probably would never because it's too expensive. I always replied in my dead serious tone. "It's all from atmosphere," which gained a laugh from them. Days were going by fast that I didn't even realise it when it was Halloween today. I had totally forgotten about it but Kate and Skylar hadn't. "So where are we going today evening?" Skylar said

"We are double scaring ourselves this year. We are going to the Friday 13th campsite and then we are going to the haunted castle."

"There's a haunted castle?" Skylar asked as Kate nodded in response. "It's in Liverpool." Skylar almost choked on her water.

"That's far," Skylar protested and Kate rolled her eyes.

"If it makes you feel better the campsite and Castle are near each other so we wouldn't have to do long distance driving when going from one to the other." Skylar didn't say anything but I could tell she was slowly agreeing. I didn't really want to go mainly because I never really celebrated Halloween at home so I didn't really see the significance of it but as needy as this sounds I didn't want to be left alone in my accommodation doing nothing.

"What time are we leaving?" I asked
"6 30pm. We are probably going to get to our destination at 8pm and so we would quickly go camp and Castle and come back." I nodded before Kate explained how we are going to have a lot of fun. I got my jacket on before grabbing my bag and said a quick 'bye' to them before heading of for my seminar.

I walked into the room and saw James there on a computer before attempting to walk out but he saw me.



"This seminar started an hour ago and no one has showed up yet." I wonder why James.

Maybe if you weren't flirting with people they wouldn't run away!

"Maybe the timetable changed last minute." He nodded before standing and making his way to the board.

"If you like I can still teach you." I was about to dismiss the idea but then he got his PowerPoint ready so I felt bad to say no. I took the seat a safe distance away from him before we went through the topic of crime.

I guess James changed and realised how silly it was of him to try and get with me as he saw me with Jack. I was almost proud of him for not trying anything but I soon realised that I had thought too soon.

"OK let's just say that a fourteen year old wants to date a fifty year old. Would that be legal or illegal?"

"Illegal." I answered but didn't understand how this related to what we were talking about before which was what makes people commit crime.

"OK Michelle would it be legal or illegal for an 18 year old to date an 28 year old." He asked as his hands went through his hair. He started to bite his lip.

"It's legal," I said as I felt uncomfortable.

"So what would make an 18 year old feel like not trying not commit?"

"Maybe they are uncomfortable."

James started to walk around to where I was sitting until he got behind me.

"Why would they be uncomfortable?" He placed his hands on my shoulder

"Because they are. And just stop! I am dating Jack OK." I said as I stood to face him.

"You mean my lying cheating cousin!" I frowned as he smirked. "What do you mean by cheating?"

"He was dating a girl last year. Her name was Saffron and she was magnificent." He started to learn towards me. "Blue eyes, blonde hair and the slim figure but not as pretty as you." He looked me up and down as I just stood there hopeless.

"He cheated on such a beauty. It's like he doesn't appreciate beautiful when he dumbed Saffron I took her and she had the best year of her life."

"What happened after a year?"

"She moved away."

"Oh." That is when I felt his hand around my waist pulling me slowly to him.

"Listen to me and listen clearly. I don't care what Jack has done ok. I love him and I am staying with him. If he wants to chest on me that's fine. Let him! But until then..." I quickly packed my stuff and turned to leave. "...bye sir."

Just as I exited the room I bumped into a stone hard chest and looked up to see Jack. He pulled me into the closet near by and pushed me against the wall. "It's OK Jack we don't have to act like a couple now." Jack placed his hands on either side of my head and leaned closer to me. "I don't think you see this as an act anymore."
"I do." I said as he took his hands down. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I didn't pull away. He leaned down and kissed my neck making me shiver.

"Thanks for claiming your mine. You are mine and I am yours." With that he opened the door and left me in the dark.

I didn't know what to do. My heart started pounding and that's when I let out a squeal of frustration.

Is this how it's like to feel in love?

I wanted to kiss Jack. Is that crazy?

I groaned and opened the door and walked out.

"Oh great you did it didn't you?" I turned around to see a guy in glasses.

"Did what?"

"Lose your innocence." I frowned.

"I haven't done anything!" The guy turned red before running of. I heard clapping and saw it was coming from James.

"Wow. What a performance."

"Keep away from me or I will report you."

"I won't."


"I know what you and Jack are doing. I know what you two are really up to but that's between us right?"

With that he walks away. I run to my block in fear.

We have been caught!

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