Chapter 6

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I was watching the paparazzi video they had released on me and Jack walking. When Jack dropped me of the paparazzi followed him and continued to bombard him with questions.

"So what were the two of you looking at back then?"

"A picture of me."

"Was it a nude?"


"Are you two dating?"


The flashing of camera increased so much and even Jack had to stop walking for a bit.

"Wait guys stop before we blind him!"

They stop taking pictures and Jack quickly runs of to his block. Well I guess that's it. My life is going to change now that people think we are dating. Surprisingly I didn't really seem to care a lot about it and for some reason eventhough I thought Jack was handsome I didn't feel anything else. So I knew eventually this plan would kind of back fire.

I pushed away the thoughts and got my phone out to see I have missed 4 calls from my dad 2 from Jasmine and 9 from my mum. I decided to call my mum seeing as she called the most. Her phone started to ring and she picked up on the second ring.

"What the hell are you doing with your life Michelle!" My mum screamed down the phone.

"I told her not to have sex till she is in her 30's" my dad shouted making me snicker a bit.

"Guys can you relax I am not doing anything. You know I will never break the home rules."

They stayed silent for a bit. "I have just befriended a guy who has famous parents and because I am a girl the media instantly think we are dating. I can assure you that we are friends."

I heard clapping and soon realised that it was Jasmine. "Good story Michelle but we saw the paparazzi video and you two kissed...Eventhough I am younger I always thought that I would get a boyfriend before you."

I heard my parents screaming in shock. And I couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Listen guys I know what I am doing. You have to trust me and like I said before I won't break the home rules." I quickly ended the call before they tried to interrogate me again. I decided to go to the kitchen as I had some chips and pizza I could Microwave. I went into the kitchen and opened the freezer and got the bag of chips and pizza box. I put the chips on the oven tray above the pizza then I close the oven door.

Just as I was about to leave a girl rushed into the kitchen and quickly closed the door. It was Kate. "Oh my gosh there is a back door!" Just then a guy in a clown mask walks in and starts spraying us with white form. Me and Kate start screaming as he continues to do this. After three minutes he stops and I fall to the ground. "That's what happens when girls like you say you want to live above guys. See you later babe's." He walks through the back door and leaves us alone.

"What is this stuff?" I asked as I tried to stand up.

"It's cream. The type you would put on a wedding cake." I started wiping some of myself and shake it of into the sink. "Why cream?" I asked.

"Why not? It's annoying and it makes you feel uncomfortable." I nod then an idea came. "The boys live downstairs right?" I clarified.


"Why not give them what they gave us?"

"What did they give us?"

"Fear and cream." I wiped the cream of my arm.

"So what are you saying? We do the same to the guys?" I nodded. "But everyone on our side needs to take part. It would be better." Kate immediately grabbed my arm while adding more cream to my arm.

"I can put little notes in every door here and they would get the message." I smiled at the idea.

"Put notes in every door here with the time 9:00pm today."

Just then someone in the corridor screams and we rush out to see a girl covered in cream.

"I was going to a church service." The girl whined. Me and Kate smiled at each other. "Well it looks like you have to postpone your church service." The girl frowns. Me and Kate grab the girl before dragging her into the bathroom. Kate turns the shower on until the water is warm and we all walk in with our clothes on.

"I feel disgusting!" I said

"I feel horrible." Kate said.

"I feel moist." The other girl said and we all laughed. We walked out and walked into the big driers. We stood there for a while feeling uncomfortable as the water dripped down us. After a while Kate go out.

"I feel dry. A bit too dry now."

Me and the other girl waited for a bit. I turned to face her.

"What is your name?"

"I am Skylar."

"My name is Michelle and she is Kate." Kate smiles at her and she smiles back. Soon we get out of the drier and I go back to the kitchen while Kate and Skylar go to Kate's accommodation to discuss the plan.

"Until 9:00 Michelle." I nodded. "Until then." I got my oven chips and pizza out and go back to my accommodation with them.

I could hear the music coming from the freshers party. But tonight all the girls on our block had decided not to go. I looked at my watch.

It was time.

I opened my door and saw a group of girls all from door number 1 to 10. I opened my door and allowed them inside my room. Some sat on my bed and the rest sat crossed legged on the floor. I sat on my office chair and spun around to face the rest of the girls.

"We are all young beautiful bright inspirational girls who came here for a great future. Put your hands up if you agree." All hands went up apart from one girl who had dark hair and black lipstick on.

"I was forced to go university."

"Really what course are you on?"

"I am doing Law."

"Good luck." Kate added.

"OK so we may never be able to catch who exactly creamed us but we can get revenge on the guys in general. I am pretty sure they know about what is going on but don't want to stop it cause they like it."

"Yh the other guys would agree. It's a traditional they get told about it. So they know." One other girl said. I spun around in my chair for a bit.

"Then they all get punished. This is our tradition now!"

"Yesssss." Kate said as she rubbed her hands together.

"OK girls I would be getting each and everyone of you a tank of cream and for the rest of freshers week we are going to spray the boys."

"Spray them until they cry!"

"Amen sister." Skylar said making us all laugh even the forced to be here/goth girl laughed!

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