Going Out Pt 1 - Chapter 23

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Y/N and Liam have arrived at target, they are both messing around while they are shopping. They both grab their phones at random moments and record each other, they add them to Instagram stories. First Y/N is pushing the cart with her good hand and looking for a specific item. Liam takes his phone and makes a joke

Liam: Hey Y/N
Y/N: yeah? (turns around and sees Liam recording) hey guys
Liam: haha... Y/N... you don't seem very wheel
Y/N: ...ok Liza (chuckles)
Liam: (chuckles) Let me be the pun queen!

Y/N then gets her phone then records Liam. He grabs a minecraft sword from the toy section, then turns to Y/N

Y/N: Liam!
Liam: What?
Y/N: That's a sword!
Liam: Oh yeah! sorry that's way too dangerous
Y/N: what? no, You're a lumberjack, you need an axe, duh
Both: haha

They keep messing around doing more videos joking around then pay for all the stuff they bought. They carry the bags to the car then head to the movies. The queue up for tickets, and decide to watch a new Marvel movie that had been released.

Liam: do you want anything?
Y/N: aww you don't have to get me anything, you already payed for the tickets
Liam: I insist
Y/N: Ok, but I'm paying for lunch
Liam: ...ok fine, I know you'll not give in so I'll agree now, before we discuss this for 30 minutes
Y/N: (chuckles) good call

Y/N and Liam get some snacks and head to their screen. There was barely anyone in the room and they both sat at the back. No one seemed to be sitting in that area. Half way through the movie a jump scare scene happened. Y/N slightly jumped back

Y/N: ow... haha
Liam: you okay?
Y/N: yeah I just jumped back and hit my shoulder on the edge of the seat
Liam: does it hurt?
Y/N: a little bit... could you just look to see if its bleeding again
Liam: (blushes) d-do you mean look under you shirt?
Y/N: (blushes) Well I mean just move the sleeve and see if the wrap is still white and secure... if not it's fine, I can go to the bathroom
Liam: I-I don't mind (he checks Y/N's shoulder) it's a bit hard to tell but it seems ok, plus it's dry so I don't think it's bleeding
Y/N: thank you (smiles)

Liam smiles back, he then puts his arm around her and gives a small kiss on her head. Y/N turns to face Liam. They look into each others eyes, they then lean forward towards each other and kiss. After about 30 seconds they pull away smiling, still looking into each others eyes. 

Liam: ...Y/N?
Y/N: yeah?
Liam: if you aren't ready I understand... but, d-do you want to start officially dating?...I know it's a bit rushed but... I've just been thinking about you constantly, and I care about you so much that I-
Y/N: Liam. I feel the same way (smiles) ...I'm ready to start a relationship with you

Liam smiles and kisses Y/N again. They then cuddle up closer together and continue watching the movie. Once the film had finished they left the screen, and headed towards the exit holding hands. Out of nowhere they hear  kid say their names, and they instantly pull their hands away

Fan: oh my gosh! C/N and H! I love your channels!
Y/N: aww thank you
Fan: I heard there was a shooting, I'm so sorry C/N, are you ok?
Y/N: yeah I'm fine. Where did you hear that?
Fan: it was on the news. I'm really glad you are ok though. H, you are a true hero
Y/N: (smiles at Liam) yeah he is
Fan: I'm sorry if I am interrupting, but can I get a picture with you guys?
Liam: yeah of course!

They gather around to take a selfie with the fan. Afterward the fan thanks them and gives them a hug and leaves. Y/N and Liam look at each other with concern

Y/N: does that mean everyone knows what happened? about everything?
Liam: well it seems like they only know about the shooting, I'm not too sure if they know the reason... But if they don't we should try and keep it to ourselves if possible
Y/N: I agree (looks down upset)
Liam: (has Y/N look up at him) I promise, I won't let anything like that happen to you again

Y/N smiles at him, they then hold hands again and leave the movie theater.

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