The Sleepover - Chapter 9

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Liam, Shelby and Y/N go to their meet up point, which is near a big tree. Y/N recognises the area from videos Liam and some of the rest of the gang were in. When they arrive there is a massive crowd of fans that start cheering.

Oh my gosh! Shelby and Liam have so many fans. I see a ton of them surrounding them. A few even started to realise I was there and did the same to me. I appreciate the support. But this was claustrophobic. Soon security cane in and started to get the fans into a long queue. I can't believe how many fans have increased these last couple of years. Actually, it makes sense. They are both incredible youtubers. I would have reacted the same if it was me meeting them a couple of years ago.

Shelby: I can't believe how many people there are this year!
Liam: I know! It has doubled from last year.
Shelby: Hey Y/N? Can you take my jacket and put it over there? (Points to a bench behind them)
Y/N: sure
Fan1: wait that Y/N?!!
Fan2: OMG
Shelby: wait who went to the avenue panel (only a few put their hands up)
Y/N: oh my gosh!
Fan3:most of the people who got tickets were there to see C/N's face reveal!
Y/N: (whispers to Shelby and Liam) does that mean my meet up is going to be big like this one too?
Shelby: (whispers back) I think so
Y/N: oh my gosh

People start taking pictures with Shelby, Liam and Y/N. Some get autographs too, and have given Shelby and Liam gifts. Luckily they weren't doing anything after so they managed to see everyone. But they are exhausted now.

Liam: I have no idea how you are going to manage to do this again tomorrow Y/N. You might have to cut it short.
Y/N: that's the last thing I want to do, but if it's worse then I might have to
Shelby: do you guys want to get food now
Y/N: yes! I'm starving

They all go get some food but Y/N decided to take it to her room. Since she was really tired and wanted to prepare for the meet up tomorrow. Y/N is in her room and finished her food. She is just washing up and getting ready for bed.

Even though the meet up took all of my energy, it was a lot of fun meeting fans and hanging out. I just don't know if I can physically manage to meet that many people again tomorrow. I need to keep them all happy though. Anyway, as long as they're happy I am too

As Y/N is thinking about the situation she hears a knock on the door. Y/N opens the door to see Liam.

Y/N: L-Liam? What's up?
Liam: I'm really sorry to ask this if you but my room has had a flood, I can't get another room till tomorrow... so can I-
Y/N: oh my God! Um yeah come in!
Liam: thanks Y/N. I would have gone to one of the other guys. But I heard you had a pull out couch? The others don't
Y/N: um yeah, it's fine I don't mind
Liam: thank you so much!
Y/N: you can take the bed, and I'll take the pull out bed
Liam: what?! No that's not happening. Honestly Y/N I'm fine on the couch
Y/N: I'm not taking no for an answer. Either you take the bed or I'll sleep on the floor
Liam: what? You trying to guilt trip me into taking the bed? (He smirks)
Y/N: of course I am
Both: haha
Liam: fine but I'm buying you lunch tomorrow
Y/N: no it's fine, it's not needed
Liam: you'll let me buy lunch for you, or I will not eat at all tomorrow l
Y/N: ...
Liam: looks like you're not the only one that can guilt trip people
Both: haha
Y/N: ugh fine haha

They both get ready for bed but talk for about an hour, and having a laugh about the meet up and the panel. Liam seems to be more comfortable around Y/N again.

- Authors Note -
Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! This one was a bit weird to write. But I do have plans to turn it around again. Love you all :3

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