Going Out Pt 2 - Chapter 24

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Liam and Y/N are at a food court. They both decide to go for a pizza at one of the pizzerias there. Once they finished eating they headed out of the pizza place and headed to Y/N's car.

Liam: is there anything else you want to do before we head back?
Y/N: not really. To be honest we probably should get the groceries back to the apartment... probably should have done that first haha
Liam: haha they should be fine, don't worry about it.

Liam POV
I can't believe she said yes to go out with me... I know we've only known each other for so long. But I want to get to know her more. I already know so much about her, and we have a lot in common. I'm just lucky to even know her

He is such a sweetie. I can't believe that we are dating! I used to be his fan... and now, now I'm so much more.... I'm... I'm his girlfriend. How did I get so lucky.

Y/N and Liam head back to Y/N's apartment, they un pack all food and go and watch Netflix in the living room. The cuddle up in the sofa.

Liam: are you comfortable?
Y/N: very much so
Liam: (blushes) I'm glad

Soon Y/N gets a phone call, she leaves the room for privacy and lets Liam continue watching Netflix

Y/N: hello? Oh hey! How is everything? ... oh you heard... I'm fine... yeah he is my friend... yeah he did save me... y-you want to talk to him?... um he's not here right now... ok glad you're ok though. Ok... bye. Love you too

Liam walks into the room seeing if everything is ok

Liam: is everything alright?
Y/N: yeah it's all good
Liam: who was it?
Y/N: my brother
Liam: oh! Is that who you were talking to the other day?!
Y/N: what?
Liam: ...um... me and Shelby might have over heard you talking to someone on the phone after... you revealed you face?
Y/N: y-you heard that?!
Liam: I'm sorry... I thought that it was your "boyfriend" originally but now I know that, well isn't the case I didn't know who it was
Y/N: I-It's fine... but no that wasn't my brother, I was talking to my sister at that point
Liam: oh I see, how many siblings do you have?
Y/N: well I have 2 older brothers, then I have a younger sister
Liam: oh cool, I have a sister who is a bit older then me... which brother were you talking to?
Y/N: the second oldest.
Liam: oh is he doing ok?
Y/N: ...um... yeah... except....
Liam: what?
Y/N: he knows what happened to me...
Liam: h-he does?
Y/N: ... he lives in Australia so word must have traveled around different countries... so... my family at home might know too... or they will
Liam: ... what do you think will happen if they do find out?
Y/N: I-I don't know.., I just don't want them to worry. My brother said he wasn't going to tell them yet until they either found out, or if I was ready to tell them
Liam: ...are you going to tell them if they don't find out?
Y/N: I don't know... I mean I'm fine now... I just, don't want them to worry about me

Liam gives Y/N a hug, she rests her head on Liam then she looks up to him, he looks down at her then they give each other a light kiss

Liam: come on... let's get dinner ready for later
Y/N: ... right

After Y/N and Liam ate dinner it soon became 8pm and Parker and Shelby cane and knocked on the door. Liam went to open it and Liam let them in

Shelby: hey Liam, are you both ok?
Liam: yeah we're ok, she's just gone to the bathroom.
Parker: how is she doing? Is she coping ok?
Liam: she's not too bad now, she was a little bad this morning but she seems to be handling it now

Y/N comes down stairs and sees them all at the door

Y/N: oh hey guys!
Parker: hey Y/N
Shelby: Liam was just telling us how you were doing
Y/N: oh yeah I'm fine thanks... do you guys want to stay for a bit or do you want to head out?
Parker: we would stay but me and Shelby want to head back to star lord
Y/N: oh yeah! I forgot you had a cat Shelby
Shelby: haha yeah, he's a real sweetheart
Liam: was link alright with you both?
Parker: yeah he was fine, nearly peed on me though
All: haha
Liam: well you are freakishly tall
Parker: (chuckles) I'm sorry, I'll start crouching when I see him now
Liam: (chuckles) yeah you do that
Shelby: (chuckles) we will see you later Y/N (gives her a hug)
Parker: (hugs Y/N) glad you're doing ok
Y/N: thank you

Parker and Shelby exit the apartment.

Liam: I'll catch you guys up, I just forgot to get something. Will be down soon.
Shelby: ok, don't take too long

Shelby and Parker leave and Liam turns to Y/N

Y/N: what did you forget?

Liam leans into Y/N and gives her a kiss, they continue doing so for 30 seconds. When they pull away they smile at each other

Liam: I had a great day with you
Y/N: same here... thank you for taking care of me... I needed the help more then I thought...
Liam: it's really no problem... I wanted to do it
Y/N: I'll see you later then?
Liam: yeah, I'll call you tomorrow
Y/N: ok sounds good

Liam gives Y/N one last kiss on her cheek and leaves. Y/N closes the door and gives a big smile.

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