Opening Up - Chapter 4

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VIDCON! I have always wanted to go there. The problem is I just don't feel comfortable with the way I look. I'm just scared of what people would think of me. I would just be an embarrassment.

- Phone Messages -
Y/N: no sorry I don't have tickets. Plus they'll be out of stock since it's only a couple of weeks away
Liam: it's ok I have a spare

CRAP. What do I say?! I don't want to lie... but I just can't bring myself to tell him the truth. Ugh I'm sorry Liam

Y/N: that's very kind of you, but I could never ask you to do that. Plus I think I'm busy during vidcon
Liam: oh with what?

What do I say?! I can't say I'm meeting family or friends. He knows I don't have them here in LA. Wait I can just say I'm going to be in another state meeting someone

Y/N: I'm going to be in New York. I'm visiting a family friend there
Liam: oh well I hope you have fun
Y/N: thanks
Liam: maybe we can meet when you get back?
Y/N: I can't
Liam: why?

Before Y/N could respond she gets a call from Liam.

NOOO ugh I can't but I need to or he'll think something is wrong. Ok Y/N just calm down, answer the team speak call...

She answers the team speak call, and Liam sounds concerned

Liam: are you ok Y/N?
Y/N: yeah I'm fine
Liam: why can't you meet up then, is there something I did?
Y/N: no you didn't do anything!
Liam: sorry it just feels like you are avoiding me
Y/N: I'm not trying to hurt your feelings Liam I just can't
Liam: ... why what's wrong?
Y/N: I um I c-
Liam: Y/N?
Y/N: I'm scared!!
Liam: ...what?
Y/N: (sighs) I'm scared of meeting people new... I'm scared I'm going to make a bad first impression. Like I'm going to weird everyone out by how I act and look. That's why I've never revealed my face in videos. I'm scared of what people think of me
Liam: Y/N why didn't you say so, I would have understood
Y/N: I'm just not comfortable talking about it. I never really tell people about it because again, I just don't know what people will respond with
Liam: listen I know how you feel, I've felt the same way before. You're scared how people will react to every little thing you do or say. But you don't need to. I'm not going to rush you, but if you want to meet, nothing you say, do or even how you look is going to bother me. Because I know you are a kind and supportive person, I knew that before we even spoke to each other yesterday. So if you ever decide to meet up, I'll make sure that those worries will fade
Y/N: Liam... thank you. You have no idea how long I've waited for someone to say that to me (tears start to fall down cheek)
Liam: it's no problem, are ok though?
Y/N: I'm great... thanks again
Liam: so do you want to meet up, or do you need more time?
Y/N: (chuckles) do you still have those vidcon tickets

Liam POV
I start to smile, I'm glad I could help. I don't fully know why she feels the way but I've had anxiety before. I mean I still do but I want to help her feel more comfortable with herself.

Am I really doing this? ... I just can't believe that Liam is actually convincing me to do this... I'm going to show my face to people. This is happening

- Authors Note -
Well it looks like Y/N is starting to get confidence now. Let's just hope that everything goes well. Hope you all are enjoying the story so far. Love you all :3

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