The Reveal - Chapter 6

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The whole group go to the convention center and see some fans come up to Y/N.

Fan1: Oh my gosh C/N we love your videos!
Fan2: Can we get a piture with you?
Y/N: um yeah of course!
Liam: I can take the photo if you want
Fan1: OMG I didn't even see you guys! Can we take a picture with you all too?!
Liam: Sure!
Parker: Yeah no problem

we all gathered around the two fans and got Parker to take a selfie of us all with their phone, since he is the tallest. I stood next to Liam and Shelby giving them all a group hug. As I was standing there I could feel Liam's arm around me. It felt really comforting having him by my side. These last couple of weeks I've known him he's been really supportive and making me smile. He's a great friend

Once Parker took the picture they all said goodbye to the fans. The fans said they would see the panel. When Y/N heard this it made her realise what was about to happen. Was she ready for the world to know how she looked? Finally the gang all make it to the panel back stage. Stacy, Del and Dylan are all there. Y/N has only briefly spoke to them but she was still glad to meet them all.

Y/N: it's great to meet you guys!
Del: same with you sweetheart
Stacy: we heard you're about to do a face reveal?
Y/N: umm yeah
Dylan: you nervous?
Y/N: kinda, I think it's all just starting to sink in... I think I might be fine once it's over and done with
Parker: well do you want to start the panel off with you showing your face?
Y/N: ... I think once Shelby has introduced everyone I think I'll be good to go
Will: are you going to reveal to us before we go on? Or are you waiting for everyone to see?
Liam: she wanted her fans to be the first ones since they've been asking for it for so long. Plus it would be more dramatic
Graser: yes all the drama!
Stacy: Looks like you haven't changed
All: haha

Time goes by and the room has been filled for the panel. It was time for the panel to start. Shelby goes onto stage and welcomes all the fans. She then introduces the avenue smp panel, the order is Parker, Graser, will, Stacy, Del, Dylan then Liam. Finally it was Y/N's turn.

Shelby: you know her for her amazing videos, and the girl with no face... until later in the panel... it's C/N!!

I go on stage and wave to all the fans as they give an overwhelming cheer. Wow there is so many people... I can't let them down. I need to do this! I just hope Liam keeps his promise. I hope he will still support me regardless of what happens. I then get to my seat and sit next to Liam

Y/N: hey everyone
Crowd: WOOO
Shelby: so C/N... want to get this over with?
Y/N: ummm nah I think I'm good
Parker: oh come on C/N, you've come this far! We all believe in you! We know you can do this
Liam: (whispers to Y/N) don't worry, I'm here for you.
Y/N: (whispers back) thank you
Will: so are you ready?
Y/N: yes... I'm ready!

Y/N walks to the middle of the stage. Everyone is clapping their hands to add suspense. Y/N looks at the crowd in delight. This was happening. She slowly raises her arms and puts her hands on the mask and carefully lifts the mask off. Finally revealing her self. Before Y/N can say anything, everyone in the crowd and panel give her a massive round of applause and standing ovation. Liam sees Y/N starting to tear up and goes to hug her congratulating her. Y/N then smiles.

Liam POV
As Y/N raised her mask I saw her face at last. She was beautiful. I didn't understand how she could have so low self confidence. I knew instantly that not only was she beautiful on the inside but she was on the outside too. I ran over to congratulate her with a hug to check to see how she was.

Y/N: thank you Liam. Thank you for everything (hugs him tighter)
Liam: I'm so proud of you Y/N.

Shelby and then the rest of the panel run and hug her.

This could not have gone better! I can't believe I actually managed to convince myself to do this. I've never felt so loved. Hugging all my new friends made me realise how much I cared for them all. I never wanted to move again. This was the greatest moment I've had in long time.

- Authors Note -
Y/N finally revealed to the world who she was. A beautiful young woman. Now that she has done this, will her and the gang be able to hang out more? Only time will tell. Hope you all enjoyed :3

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