We Can Never Happen - Chapter 15

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Y/N is sitting on her bed staring at the edge of the bed, she is really upset. She hasn't eaten any of her food. Soon, Graser, Will and Liam walk into the room.

Graser: heyo Y/N
Y/N: ... hey guys
Will: are you ok? You haven't touched your food?
Y/N: I'm fine... I'm just not hungry
Liam: Y/N, when you were unconscious. Do you remember anything that people were saying to you?
Y/N: umm, I don't think so? Why?
Liam: it doesn't matter
Will: well me and Graser should go now, see you guys later
Y/N: you're going? But you just got here?
Graser: yeah we just need to help Parker and Shelby with somethings. We will come back later when you are released
Y/N: wait I'm going to be released today?!
Liam: yeah

Y/N smiles in relief.

Y/N: I'm glad
Will: see you guys later!
Liam: bye guys
Y/N: thanks for everything guys

Will and Graser leave the room.

Liam: Y/N?
Y/N: yeah?
Liam: I need to tell you something...

NO please Liam... I can't do this to you.

Y/N: w-what is it?
Liam: ... I-I like you... I've had a crush on you for a while. I just didn't realise until, well I saw you reveal who you are... I know you probably don't feel the same way. And you are in a relationship but I-

OMG the boyfriend I said I had! I forgot about that... Liam please don't make me does this to you (tears start falling down cheek)

Y/N: Liam... I'm in love with my boyfriend. I can't just do that to him. Plus I'm sorry but I just don't feel the same way... we can never happen. It wouldn't be right... I don't think we should be friends anymore
Liam: wait, what?
Y/N: ... I don't think we should be friends anymore
Liam: Y/N? What's wrong? Did something happen?
Y/N: Liam nothing happened! But if you are going to ask me to go out with you I can't just go out with you! I'm seeing someone. And if you have feelings for me, it would be too much to handle if we were to hangout!
Liam: b-but Y/N?
Y/N: please... just go

Liam leaves the room. Y/N watches him leave then bursts into tears. Liam is outside the room and he also starts to cry.

Liam POV
What have I done?... I should have never told her... Shelby was right... I should have just let her be happy with her boyfriend. Now, she never wants to see me again...

Scene switches to Shelby, Graser, Will and Parker outside the hospital. There is a crowd of fans there for Y/N to see as a surprise.

Shelby: does anyone know what's wrong with Liam? I saw him just leave the hospital earlier?
Will: he told me that he wanted to go back to the hotel? I don't know why?
Parker: do you think he told Y/N?
Graser: maybe? She might have rejected him and he got upset?
Parker: oh god, I hope he will be ok

As they are all talking the see a nurse push Y/N in a wheel chair out side the front door. All the fans start to cheer. Y/N looked upset but now is a bit happier. Parker runs up and pushes Y/N to the gang

Y/N: what's all this?
Shelby: since you didn't exactly finish your meet up, we though it would be a good idea to have all your fans that support you, come and welcome you out of hospital
Y/N: aww guys! This is so sweet! Thank you so much!
Crowd: we love you Y/N!!!!
Y/N: I love you all too! Thank you so much for coming! It means a lot!

Y/N manages to get a group photo with everyone and talks to as many fans as possible. Everyone was having a great time. Later on Shelby drops Y/N outside her door she offers to take Y/N in but she just wanted to go in and get some rest. Shelby then walks away. Y/N stares at the door, she then goes inside to see the room. All of Liam's stuff is now gone.

Y/N: ...Liam...

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