The Clip - Chapter 3

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After about 10 minutes, everyone was leaving the call. They all wanted to go off and do their own clips. Y/N decided to do the same and start getting materials for a house. As she is starting to build her base she sees Liam running around near spawn.

There's Liam, I always loved his character's skin, it's so goofy but it's cute in a way. Shelby did a great job making that skin. I continue to build my house and look up to move around. Before I could I see Liam standing in front of me. I won't lie it kinda scared me, was not expecting to look up to see him. Before I could do anything I notice a message in chat.

- Minecraft Chat -
Liam: hey C/N!
Y/N: Hey Liam!
Liam: Do you want to do a clip? No one else is available
Y/N: oh so I'm your last decision lol
Liam: um no...
Y/N: haha it's fine, I don't mind
Liam: do you have team speak? Or do you want to call on discord?
Y/N: yeah I have TS
Liam: ok just give me your details and I'll call you
Y/N: ok sounds good!

Liam POV
I can't believe I'm joining a call with C/N! She always joined my streams to chat. She always asked how I was doing as well as the rest of chat. I mean I heard she was making her own videos now. My comments are always talking about her. I just never realised how far she actually came with her channel, and I never thought I would be recording with her

He wants to do a clip with just me? His confidence must have improved. I remember him always being too shy to ask people he's never recorded with before to do clips. But how can I say no? He is a real sweet heart. I shortly realised he started a call and I instantly joined

Liam: hey C/N
Y/N: hey again, you can call me Y/N if you want. But what ever is easiest for you
Liam: ok Y/N. To be honest I'm so used to calling you C/N so I might be switching from the two
Y/N: that's fine, either is fine really. So what do you want to do for a clip?
Liam: well do you want to recreate what we just did?
Y/N: what do you mean?
Liam: well you are building your house then you look up to see me in front of you
Y/N: ohh ok! By the way that actually scared me
Liam: good that's what I was aiming for
Both: haha
Y/N: ok let's do that then
Liam: I will then ask you if you want to do something after
Y/N: ok

So that's what we did, we re did what happened. Obviously this time we were in a call. After we did that Liam asked me if I wanted to join him on an adventure to the nether. Apparently there's a mod that makes the nether a lot cooler. We managed to record for a while. It was a long scene that would need a lot of editing. We got a lot of cool items and blocks for builds and stuff. Luckily neither of us died.

Once they both finished they headed back to the over world and met back up at Y/N's base. They said bye to each other for their recording but it didn't end there.

Y/N: that was really fun, I'm glad we could hangout
Liam: same here. Wait did you say that you moved to LA earlier?
Y/N: um yeah
Liam: do you have friends or family here? If you don't mind me asking. Was just wondering why you chose to move here
Y/N: no not really, I just moved here because I thought it would be a good place to... to start over
Liam: ...start over?
Y/N: I just never felt like I was home in england. It was just a lot of bad memories there I guess
Liam: ...I'm sorry to hear
Y/N: it's fine, I'm already a lot happier here
Liam: well if you ever need a friend, we can always meet up

He already sees me as a friend! Oh my god! As much as I would love to meet up with Liam. I couldn't. I knew I would be a mess, he would probably see me and think I'm just a massive weirdo. What do I say?!

Y/N: umm yeah that sounds great. I just want to get used to being here first before I start meeting people. If that's ok?
Liam: yeah that's fine, I understand. Sorry I actually have to go now. Link needs a walk
Y/N: oh yeah! I remember always seeing him in your streams. He's so cute
Liam: haha that's the reason you joined the stream isn't it?
Y/N: haha yeah of course it was
Liam: well he is cute but he is a trouble maker. Anyways see you later Y/N
Y/N: bye Liam!

Y/N exports her video and starts to edit her video. She keeps laughing at all the clips she did. The ones with everyone and with Liam she just recorded. They all make Y/N smile. She is still trying to process everything that has been happening. She has only just moved to LA and now she's recording with her idols from a couple of years ago?! As     Y/N continues to edit she starts to yawn. She decides to have a nap, but that nap turns into a deep sleep. It is now the next day. Y/N wakes up and hears her phone buzz again. As she looks down on the phone. It's a message from Liam

Liam: do you want to meet up at vidcon?

- Authors Note -
Bit of a cliffhanger but the story will continue very soon. Hope you guys enjoyed :3

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