Dare, Kiss Or Slap - Chapter 21

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Everyone is chatting and Graser starts to shout

Graser: oh my god! We should play truth or dare!
Liam: ... are you 12?
Graser: come it will be fun H!
Liam: no
Shelby: come on H! I actually like this idea
Y/N: yeah... I'm out
Will: what?
Y/N: liams right, it's for kids. Plus people lie anyways
Graser: hmmm why don't we play something else then?
Parker: like what?
Graser: strip or dare!!
All: NO!!
Graser: hahahaha I'm only messing. Chillax bros
Shelby: I'm not your bro, bro
All: haha
Parker: what about kiss or dare?
Y/N: huh?
Parker: so you either kiss someone that we tell you too, or you take the dare
Y/N: isn't that just dare or dare then?
Parker: kinda
Graser: ok I'm down
Will: I can't
Y/N: why?
Liam: he's seeing someone
Parker: well yeah, so are me and Shelby.
Shelby: yeah but I'm not going to kiss, Liam, Graser, or will.
Y/N: awww so you'll kiss me?
Shelby: any day B.B. haha
Y/N: aww haha
Parker: ok so if you don't take the dare or the kiss you get slapped
Liam: oooo can I just slap Graser anyway?!
All: haha
Shelby: ok let's just start... I'll dare first. Graser. I dare you to call your mum and tell her that you have fallen in love with Liam
Graser: ...ok who do I have to kiss?
Parker: liam
All except Graser and Liam: hahahah
Liam: umm you better say no
Graser: aww don't want a kiss from me H?
Liam: no! Haha just no
Graser: (sighs) fine I'll take a slap...
Liam: yes! Oh please let me do it (goes up to Graser) ok I don't actually want to slap you now haha
Graser: haha why?
Liam: because you might have to slap me back
Will: do it H!

Liam slaps Graser and sees if he's ok, Graser laughs if off

Liam: I don't know if I feel good or bad after that haha
Graser: ok it's my turn now... hm. Y/N!
Y/N: me? Um ok
Graser: I dare you to call a random person in Liam's contacts and tell them you are dating
Y/N: couldn't I just call one of you?
Graser: nope
Y/N: ok then I skip the dare
Graser: ok. Fine. Then kiss Liam
Y/N: ummm ok (Y/N goes over to Liam and gives a quick kiss on the lips)
Shelby: aww sweet
Graser: aww cuties

A few more rounds are played. Shelby needed to kiss Parker. Will had to get slapped by Graser. Parker had to shout out the window he can't find his avocado, and Liam had to snuggle up to Y/N. Everyone started to just talk again, and watch the movie. It wasn't long before Y/N fell asleep, bare in mind she is still snuggled up with Liam

Parker: you ok there H?
Liam: yeah I'm fine
Shelby: she's a real heavy sleeper
Graser: I think me and Will are going to need to head back to the airport now
Will: aww man, well at least I'll get to see Emily
Shelby: aww
Graser: do we wake her up to say goodbye?
Liam: I would say yes but she seriously needs her rest. I think I'm going to stay here and help her out, that way she can get used to thing with her shoulder
Shelby: that's really sweet of you
Liam: I'll take the spare room and put her to bed.
Will: ok well I'm going to give her hug before we leave
Graser: same here

Graser and will give Y/N a hug, then Shelby and Parker get ready to leave for the airport to drop them off

Shelby: let us know tomorrow when you want us to pick you up Liam
Liam: will do. Thanks guys

They all leave. Liam looks at Y/N and smiles, he then lifts her up bridal style to her room. He lays her on the bed. He then places a kiss on her forehead

Liam's POV
How did I get so lucky, how did I get someone as amazing as her in my life. She's beautiful, funny, kind and so much more... I'm so glad that she's here. Good night Y/N... I... I love you... I love you?! OMG do I love her?! I shouldn't tell her that. We are barely even dating yet... I just want her to get back on her feet first and see if we do officially start to date. Night again Y/N...

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