Las Piesas del Imperio by ZayerObsidiana
Las Piesas del Imperioby ZayerObsidiana
En esta historia Rias, el club de ocultismo y todo el inflamumdo se ven envueltos entre el choque con las Piesas del Imperio, una organizacion de otro mundo victima de l...
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nymphet: a guide  by angelnymphet
nymphet: a guide by amelie
nymphet - an attractive and sexually mature young girl
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Naruko Uzumaki ( la salvación del mundo ninja) TERMINADA by blanricsel
Naruko Uzumaki ( la salvación blanricsel
¿Qué hubiera pasado si nuestro Naruto hubiera nacido mujer?¿ Si tuviera acceso al chakra del clan Uzumaki? Esta es l historia de una pequeña ninja a la cual sellaron al...
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SHADES OF COOL ° loki laufeyson by buckiplier
SHADES OF COOL ° loki laufeysonby — ABBIE —
Megara Stark, niece of - yes, you guessed it - Tony Stark. A genius and master of sass like her uncle, Meg has a lot going for her. With just completing nursing school a...
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gorillaz memez by namahage
gorillaz memezby lol
the most overused and unfunny gorillaz memes on wattpad 👌😤😤
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VOK (Redemption updated occassionally) by JasonKucharik
VOK (Redemption updated Jason Kucharik
V.O.K. is written from the perspective of an Alpha, the universe's most skilled special operations soldiers, who act as the High Order's eyes and ears in every corner of...
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Los Mellizos Potter y la Orden del Fénix by Wrisett
Los Mellizos Potter y la Orden Leahe Sea
Eleanor Potter jamás había estado tanto tiempo lejos de su hermano y mucho menos de Inglaterra. Consiguió la información que quería pero al volver a Inglaterra, recuerdo...
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Gorillaz One-Shots by LumaTheCreative
Gorillaz One-Shotsby Luma K.
Listen up, kiddie-winkles. This is my big book of Gorillaz one-shots. Requests are open, of course, only things I won't do are Noodle x anybody (except Cyborg) and any s...
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HBomb94 x Reader by gamerfictioner
HBomb94 x Readerby gamerfictioner
You are an old viewer of Liam's. But you haven't been able to watch his videos for a while due to your new career as a youtuber. You have barely even heard of Liam's nam...
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Return to Arcadia by shantilover189
Return to Arcadiaby shantilover189
It's been two year since Jim as seen his home Arcadia. After returning, Jim is greeted by someone who hasn't seen him in thirteen years and has never seen Jim as his...
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Daddy issues by gashinaxo
Daddy issuesby ♡ Hentai Haven
My mind is sick and so is my writing. Don't read if you're not into ddlg.
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A little different by P2_vanoss
A little differentby P2 vanoss
This is something that I thought about while at school, as you can tell on my account I don't write any fan fictions, more updates or small silly things, so this is gonn...
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{ gιvə υѕ тнιѕ day oυr daιly мəмəѕ } by velvetcrxwbar
{ gιvə υѕ тнιѕ day oυr daιly мəмəѕ { мιĸĸι }
literally just memes
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Frases y monólogos de la serie española, Las chicas del cable.
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The Boy With No Eyes ( 2D x Reader❤️) by ChalupaLord
The Boy With No Eyes ( 2D x Shove it
"You were thinking about what you should get for dinner when suddenly, a black STYLO smashed through the glass window, shooting splinters of glass at you and the co...
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The Canis Major by strauberry00
The Canis Majorby Jaila
"Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer." - Jean de la Fontaine For Del, Hogwarts is an escape. An escape from the muggle world, along with the muggle...
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Wild'n Out Images by GamerGirl23391
Wild'n Out Imagesby Queen Brown
It's The Popping, Funny,Chill awsome Show by the man Nick Cannon and His Castmates let's see The What these images have in Store. We Wild'n Out Chal
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Batman ~Liam Payne Fanfic~ by TOPkcIX
Batman ~Liam Payne Fanfic~by KC
This is Liam Payne FanFic- Avalon Syms never grew up with a normal life. After her father dieing and her mother turning her back, she discovers she is more than nothing...
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Los héroes Son by Josuke-Joestar
Los héroes Sonby Josuke-Joestar
Goku y Gohan, después de la muerte de milk, deciden iniciar una nueva vida en un mundo habitado por heroes y villanos.Lee si te interesa la historia.
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