Came To Say Goodbye - Chapter 17

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Liam and Parker are in their room talking.

Parker: I can't believe Natalie would do that to Y/N
Liam: ... she doesn't deserve that
Parker: Liam, we are going to figure this out.
Liam: Parker... I don't think we can
Parker: huh?
Liam: did you see how upset she was? There must be something really big Natalie has on her
Parker: ...what ever it is. We will find a way to stop her.
Liam: I hope you're right... I just want my friend back. I want things to go back to the way they were
Parker: they will

Shelby enters the room upset. Liam stands up and goes up to Shelby.

Liam: did you talk to her?! What happened?
Shelby: I-I can't
Liam: are you serious?!
Shelby: I promised her Liam, and I don't think I can if I wanted too
Parker: Shelby, if you don't tell Liam, they might never be able to figure it out
Shelby: it's for the best...
Liam: Shelby, what ever it is, I can handle it.
Shelby: you say that but idk if you can...
Parker: what happened?!
Shelby: I can't say! Ok?!
Liam: Shelby can you just be a bad personal for one second and just tell me! What is going on!
Shelby: Liam it doesn't matter, she will be on her way home to get ready for airport now anyways
Liam: what?! What is she going to an airport? Shelby?
Shelby: because she likes you Liam!
Liam: what?
Shelby: she left because she saw you and Natalie kiss. She is finding it hard to cope with it all. She wants to be with her family for a while
Liam: she likes me?... but why hasn't she told me? What is Natalie got on her?
Shelby: ...
Liam: please... I have the right to know
Shelby: she's threatening to hurt you
Liam: ...what?

Shelby explains the situation more to Liam. She starts to cry again about the situation.

Liam: Sh-she wouldn't. Natalie is insane but she wouldn't kill someone. And not for that reason
Parker: dude I'm not that surprised to be honest. She is not the same person from when you first met her
Liam: but what am I supposed to do?!
Shelby: let her go. She's dating someone anyways
Parker: but if they both like each other
Shelby: she's not going to cheat! She's not Natalie!
Parker: I'm not saying that, I'm just saying they might be able to work things out
Liam: ...I'm going after her
Parker: what?
Shelby: you are? But Liam, Natal-
Liam: I know... but I need to talk to Y/N one last time... if she can't be my friend anymore, I want to say goodbye
Parker: dude if you want to do this I'm not going to stop you. But please be logical about this
Liam: I am.
Shelby: j-just please be careful Liam (hugs him)

Liam leaves Shelby and Parker. He then drives away heading to the airport. He finally manages to get there. As he goes into the airport he sees Y/N about to go through the cut off point. Liam runs towards her

Liam: Y/N!!!

Y/N turns around to his direction. She notices him and tries to walk away. Liam catches up to her and he turns her around to face him

Liam: Y/N please let me talk
Y/N: Liam I can't-
Liam: Shelby told me everything. I know about Natalie and how you feel
Y/N: are you serious?! (Sighs) Liam if you know why then you know I can't be around you
Liam: ... I know. But I just wanted to see you one more time and say goodbye... I know you are in love with your boyfriend and I know that means we can't be together... or even friends. But I just wanted to tell you I care for you Y/N. You are so supportive and funny... and you are beautiful, inside and out
Y/N: (starts to cry again) Liam... I'm not seeing anyone...
Liam: but you sai-
Y/N: I know... I don't know why I said I was. But if I said that I wasn't I felt like people were going to mock me. I just revealed who I was. I didn't want people to see me as an insane person... I'm sorry
Liam: ...kiss me
Y/N: w-what?!
Liam: I know I'm being forward, I'm not usually like this. But if I can't see you again, I want to say goodbye in the right way
Y/N: but what about Natalie she's your girlfriend. I can't
Liam: Y/N we've been broken up for months
Y/N: ...what? But she said
Liam: she lied... she said that because she is a psycho... she cheated on me and keeps pretending we're still together... but I don't like her... I like you
Y/N: Liam I don't want you to get hurt
Liam: then kiss me, and you'll never have to see me again...

Y/N puts her arms around Liams shoulders. He then puts his arms around her waist. Y/N then leans into kiss him, but before she does, a voice screeches from the entrance

???: Liam!!!!

They turn around to see Natalie.

Natalie: get away from her, right now! (She points a gun at them)

- Authors Note -
Sorry to leave it like this, but next chapter will be released very soon. It's been a lot of fun writing this fanfic, I hope you guys have enjoyed it too :3

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