The Meet Up - Chapter 10

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It's the next day. Liam and Y/N are at the reception desk. Liam is angry (G/D = Guy at Desk)
Liam: what do you mean the room is taken?!
G/D: I'm sorry Sir, someone has booked the room before you
Liam: but I was told that I would be guaranteed a new room
G/D: well someone cane before you to pay for a room
Liam: will my room be done some point today?
G/D: the room won't be ready for a week sir, I'm sorry
Liam: I'm here for another 2 days!
G/D: the only thing we can do is give you a full refund.
Y/N: Liam you don't have a choice at this point.
Liam: ... Y/N I can't ask you to do that
Y/N: Liam I honestly don't mind in the slightest. Besides, it's only for another couple of days
G/D: we are truly sorry about the inconvenience. We will make sure to give you a full refund as well as a complementary dinner for 2 on the house
Y/N: thank you, we appreciate it
G/D: I'll just need your card to give you your refund

Time skips to Liam and Y/N at vidcon in the youtuber lounge. Shelby and Parker go up to them.

Parker: where have you guys been?
Shelby: we were starting to think you weren't going to show up
Y/N: sorry we were going to ring you but we couldn't get a signal
Liam: they weren't able to get me a new room
Shelby: seriously?
Y/N: yeah so Liam is going to be staying in my room. But they did say they would give Liam a full refund and free meal for two
Parker: well that's not too bad I guess.
Liam: it's just a good thing Y/N is here. If not I might have had to sleep on floor in one of you guy's rooms, or travel home and back everyday
Shelby: yeah I bet. Anyways, Y/N? What time is your meet up?
Y/N: it's in about 30 minutes
Shelby: well we're going to be just hanging around here for a bit
Y/N: ok well I can hang around but I have to leave no later than 20 minutes
Liam: ok just message us if you want to meet up again
Y/N: yeah I will

Y/N, Liam, Shelby and Parker hangout with the rest of the gang. Mostly everyone from the panel and some others. Once Y/N finished hanging out she headed to her meet up point. When she arrived, she saw exactly what's she feared. A crowd full of fans. There was more there then at Liam's and Shelby's yesterday.

HOLY CRAP. There's so many people here! I can see that security are already sorting out all the fans. Out of nowhere I hear two security shout my name and escort me to the front. All the fans stared to scream my name and take photos as I walked by

Y/N: hey everyone!!!
Crowd: woooooooooo!!!!!!! We love you Y/N!
Y/N: love you all too!

After about an hour Y/N had seen tons of fans and was getting too hot. She is still not used to LA heat and is starting to feel light headed. There is still so many fans queuing.

Y/N: hey I'm going to need to take a quick break sorry
Security1: sorry we can't do that
Y/N: I'm sorry?
Security2: we aren't able to make sure that all the fans don't crowd over
Y/N: what? Ok? Can someone get me a drink of water and I'll pay for it for them then?
Security1: we can't do that miss, we need to stay and make sure that nothing bad happens
Y/N: are you kidding me? Listen I know you're just doing your job but I'm feeling really dehydrated. I'm not used to the heat
Security2: the only thing we can do is suggest that you cut off the meetup
Y/N: what?!

Y/N tries to ring one of the guys to see if they can bring a drink is something. But she can't get a signal

WHY IS THERE NEVER A SIGNAL?! Ok Y/N it's fine you can hold up for another couple of hours (looks at the crowd again) or 5...

Time skips an hour ahead and Y/N is starting to feel really weak. A fan notices and asks if she's ok. Y/N doesn't hear them and starts to catch her breathe. She has weak lungs with asthma and her sight is starting to get blurry. Liam is walking by to see how Y/N is doing and shouts to her. Fans start to scream since Liam had arrived

Liam: Y/N?! You doing ok?... Y/N?

Y/N looks over at Liam and gets really dizzy. Liam rushes over to see what was wrong. Before he could Y/N falls onto the ground backwards. She is unconscious.

Liam: Y/N!!! (Kneels by her side) Y/N?! Someone call for an ambulance!!! Y/N? Can you hear me?! Y/N!!

- Authors Note -
What's going to happen to Y/N? Hopefully she can pull through ok. We'll see if we find out if she's ok or not soon. Hope you guys enjoyed :3

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