I Like Him - Chapter 16

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⚠️ warning there will be swears ⚠️It's the last day of Vidcon. Y/N is no longer in shock or as weak as she was so she is able to walk ok now. Y/N walks around the convention centre. There is a lot of people checking how she is doing as she walks around. Shelby and Parker see her, then go up to her.

Shelby: Y/N?
Y/N: hey guys
Parker: w-what happened between you and Liam?
Y/N: ... I um
Shelby: when we went to our room yesterday he was on the ground asleep
Y/N: h-he was?
Parker: yeah... we asked him what happened but he avoided the question
Y/N: it's not important right now (tries to walk away)
Shelby: but Y/N?!
Y/N: no! I-I just can't... (she leaves)
Shelby: ... something isn't right
Parker: something else went on in that room... she can't of just rejected him. Liam would have understood more
Shelby: we can't let there friendship end because of this
Parker: what if we got them back in the same room. Made them talk about it?
Shelby: that could work... ooo we could do what they do in movies!
Parker: what?
Shelby: well you get Liam to hangout, and I'll get Y/N. We meet in the same place and then they will have to talk!
Parker: ok but I don't think Liam, is even going to even leave the room, never mind go out.
Shelby: well you are going to have to convince him! I can't bare to see them like this
Parker: ok, where do we meet then?
Shelby: we will meet at a bar or something. I'll text you where to meet up
Parker: ok see you later babe

Shelby and Parker leave in opposite directions. They head out trying to get Liam and Y/N to hangout. Time skips to Shelby and Y/N at the bar

Y/N: do you seriously think it's a good idea for me to drink after just getting out of hospital?
Shelby: come on! At least you'll be hydrated now

Y/N takes a sip of her drink then sees Liam and Parker enter the bar. Y/N looks at Shelby angrily

Y/N: Shelby! (Whispers)
Shelby: listen I'm not having you separate, you are both friends
Y/N: I-I can't be here (Y/N leaves for the bathroom)
Shelby: Y/N!

Parker and Liam notice Shelby. They walk up to her.

Liam: Shelby? What are you doing here?
Parker: yeah! Why are you here?... alone?!
Shelby: (chuckles) I'll explain that all later, I just need to go to the bathroom. Be back in a bit! (Rushes to the bathroom, soon after she pushes Y/N out of the bathroom)
Y/N: Shelby!! I don't want to go- (liam and Y/N look at each other)
Liam: (whispers) what the hell parker?!
Parker: dude, we don't want to see you and Y/N fallout... you guys are friends. What ever happened, you can both discuss
Liam: Parker! She told me she doesn't want to be my friend anymore!
Parker: what?!
Shelby: what?!
Y/N: I-I... I can't do this

Y/N runs behind a corner and is in a hallways crying. Switches back to Liam, Parker and Shelby.

Liam: what the hell guys!
Parker: Liam we just wanted to help
Liam: I know... but look, she is obviously trying to avoid me. Just let her
Shelby: Liam, she just ran off crying. She wants to be your friend! There's got to be a reason why she's avoiding you!
Liam: she's avoiding me because I told her how I feel! I should have listened to you Shelby... I should have just kept it a secret. We would still be friends...
Shelby: no
Liam: huh?
Shelby: that's not Y/N. She wouldn't stop being your friend because of that. She would try to understand and hangout with you regardless.
Liam: what do we know... we've only known her for a short time
Shelby: no we haven't. She's been supporting us for years! She's not going to just stop supporting you because you told her you liked her! Something isn't right about this

Out of nowhere the door opens and Natalie is there.

Natalie: there you are Liam!
Shelby: get the hell out of here!
Natalie: geez can't I just say hi to my man?
Parker: he's not your man!
Liam: ... how did you find me Natalie?...
Natalie: through love duh
Shelby: bull shit
Parker: do us all a favour and leave Liam alone
Natalie: rude! Liam are you going to let them talk to me like that?
Liam: no I'm not! Guys it should only be me that deals with this... so get the fuck out Natalie!
Natalie: but babe?!
Liam: I am not your babe! We aren't together!

Y/N walks out from behind the corner. Natalie sees her then kisses Liam. Y/N sees this and bursts into tears again. She runs out of the bar. They all see this, and try to stop her. Liam looks at her upset. He then pushes Natalie away from him.

Liam: what the hell do you think you are doing?!
Natalie: (smiles) making a statement
Shelby: what do you mean?!
Natalie: isn't it obvious?... I'm making her jealous
Liam: why would she be jealous?!
Natalie: (chuckles)
Shelby: what are you hiding Natalie?!
Natalie: I told her to reject Liam... I told her about our relationship and to not talk to him again. She agreed, as long as I kept my end of the deal
Liam: what?!!! What deal Natalie?!
Natalie: (chuckles) oh no, I'm not revealing that! My deal is still on. If she does talk to you, my offer still stands
Shelby: you fucking cu-
Natalie: I didn't know you had a potty mouth shelby.

Shelby chases after Y/N. Natalie smiles as she leaves. Liam and Parker stare at Natalie.

Natalie: what?! It's not my fault that she took the deal
Liam: you didn't give her much of a choice I'm guessing?!
Natalie: well she could have declined. But I made sure that it was a difficult decision
Liam: your unbelievable (Liam and Parker try to leave)
Natalie: umm where are you going?!
Liam: away from you! Stop following me! Or I'll call the cops!

Liam and Parker leave Natalie. She stares at them in disbelief. Scene then switches to Y/N in her room packing. Shelby knocks on the door but Y/N ignores it. Shelby then uses a key to get in

Y/N: how did you get in?!
Shelby: I have Liam's key... What are you doing?
Y/N: leaving
Shelby: what?! Where?!
Y/N: I'm going home to get some stuff then I'm going to get a flight back to England... I need some time with my family
Shelby: Y/N please don't go. We can sort this out, what ever it is Natalie is holding against you. We will take care of it
Y/N: you can't!
Shelby: Y/N?
Y/N: (starts to cry again) ...sh-she said she would make sure that if I was with him. Friend or boyfriend... she would make sure no one could have him...
Shelby: ... why... why would she do that?!
Y/N: ...because... I like him too...
Shelby: ...what?
Y/N: you can't tell him! Shelby promise me! Don't let Liam know...
Shelby: but if I don't he could be at risk.
Y/N: Shelby if he found out he would come looking for me. I can't have that. It's safer for him if I stay away from him. I can't take that chance
Shelby: just call the police, they'll take care of everything
Y/N: I can't... she will kill him... and maybe me. I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Shelby: but he likes you! And you like him!
Y/N: Shelby. Please promise me you won't tell him
Shelby: I-I promise
Y/N: (she starts to cry) thank you
Shelby: (hugs Y/N) take care Y/N (starts to cry too)

- Authors Note-
Sorry for the long chapter, I didn't know when to stop. But I hope you guys liked it regardless. Love you all :3

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