You Knew?! - Chapter 29

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Everyone is at the car park. It has been a long day at the beach, everyone got along and had an amazing time. Liam and parker shook D/N's hand saying good bye, then Shelby gave D/N a small hug as a kind gesture good bye.

Dad: it was nice meeting you all
Shelby: you too
Liam: Y/N? can I talk to you before you go
Y/N: um sure

Y/N and Liam walk away to the side, away from the others, behind a wall.

Y/N: is everything ok?
Liam: yeah... I just didn't want them to see us for a second
Y/N: why?

Liam leans in and kisses Y/N. They kiss for a little while then pull away holding each other

Y/N: (chuckles) I need to get used to that
Liam: (chuckles) I can help with that

Liam and Y/N kiss again

Liam: does that work? (smirks)
Y/N: hmm it will do
Liam: hey!
Y/N: haha I'm just teasing. You teased me earlier too
Liam: ok fair enough (smirks)
Y/N: sorry about the whole dad thing... I know it must be a bit weird for you to get to know my dad so early on
Liam: to be honest, I thought it would be awkward. But your dad is actually a really cool person. Plus, he is hilarious. I can see why you both get along so well

Y/N: well I'm glad you both got along...
Liam: so...I'm the first person you dated?
Y/N: what?! How do you know that?! ... My dad told you, didn't he?
Liam: ...yeah
Y/N: did you tell him about us?
Liam: I didn't have to... He figured it out...
Y/N: oh my gosh... wait... he was ok with it?!
Liam: well yeah. He said he was actually glad
Y/N: h-he did?!
Liam: yeah. He just wants you happy Y/N
Y/N: ...I think we should head off now
Liam: are you ok? Did I say something?
Y/N: no, I just... I think I need some rest
Liam: umm sure. Lets go

They head back to the others. Once they arrive Y/N says bye to Shelby and Parker and they all leave. Y/N and her dead arrive back at Y/N's apartment. D/N goes to the kitchen for a drink and Y/N heads to the living room and sits down staring at the wall. D/N comes into the room and hands Y/N a drink

Y/N: oh thanks...
Dad: are you ok?
Y/N: um yeah I'm fine...Dad?
Dad: yeah?
Y/N: how did you know that me and Liam were dating?... I know that you know about us
Dad: ...I could just tell...
Y/N: ... you and I both know that isn't fully true... you saw it didn't you?
Dad: saw what?
Y/N: dad... I'm not stupid. I know you... you saw what happened on the news... didn't you?... That's why you're here... Isn't it?
Dad: ...yes... I saw how Liam was protecting you and I added up the pieces... that's how I figured you were dating
Y/N: oh my god!! (stands up angry)
Dad: I got worried! I had to see if you were ok
Y/N: dad! I'm fine!
Dad: well you don't look it
Y/N: does mum know?
Dad: yes
Y/N: ... Damn it!!
Dad: she wanted me to bring you home
Y/N: oh so you are on her side?!
Dad: no! I didn't come for her! I came to see if you were ok... You have been here for less than a month and already got into a life threatening situation
Y/N: ...You want me to come home don't you?
Dad: well it... it would be nice
Y/N: dad I am not going home!
Dad: Y/N! Listen to me! I am not going to make you go home!... Yes I miss you, and yes I would feel more comfortable if you were at home... But I can see you have already made amazing friends, and a kind and supportive boyfriend... I am not going to take that from you because you deserve it... You deserve to finally be happy
Y/N: ... I'm sorry I should have realised that... I just find everything so hard to believe... this happiness just feels too good to be true...

Y/N's Dad hugs her and she starts to tear up.

That was the first time I ever yelled at my dad... yeah it wasn't really that big of an argument but it didn't feel right doing it. I feel so guilty. Yes we have had disagreements. Everyone does. And I did get told of by him when I was little for misbehaving... but I just feel like I've hurt his feelings

Y/N: I'm sorry Dad...
Dad: ...I'm sorry too...
Y/N: for what?
Dad: for upsetting you... that is the last thing you need right now... and you don't deserved it

Y/an POV
I'm not so sure of that...

After they both calmed down they watched some tv and went to bed. Y/N tried to get some sleep but she kept feeling strange after arguing with her. It was unusual for something like that to happen to her.

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