A Surprise Visit - Chapter 25

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Y/N is in her living room watching tv. She soon gets a FaceTime call from her dad. Y/N gets excited and answers immediately

- Face Time -
Y/N: hey Dad!
Dad: hi sweetheart, how is La?
Y/N: it's great!
Dad: I heard you showed your face to everyone at that convention you always talked about a few years ago
Y/N: haha yeah I did
Dad: haha your sister was telling me
Y/N: well she is my biggest fan
Dad: haha all she ever talks about is your videos, even more so now that you are in La... we all have missed you Y/N
Y/N: ...well maybe not everyone...
Dad: ... I wouldn't know...
Y/N: anyways, is it raining like usual at home?
Dad: I wouldn't know
Y/N: how come?

Y/N hears a knock at the door and goes up to open it. As she opens the door she sees her dad standing there. He opens his arms and gives Y/N a big hug

Y/N: dad! Y-You're here!
Dad: yep, I wanted to come visit you for a few days... I know I should have asked but I wanted to surprise you
Y/N: it's fine, I'm just glad to see you again!

They pull away from each other and Y/N's Dad looks at her cast

Dad: what happened?
Y/N: umm I uh

OH NO! I hate lying to my dad. But I can't tell him the truth. He might want me to come back home. I can't do that!

Y/N: I fell down the stairs... I twisted funnily and landed on my arm (Y/N's face turns red)
Dad: oh my gosh! Are you doing ok?
Y/N: yeah I'm great, I've had a lot of help
Dad: oh? Do you have a new friend helping out?
Y/N: umm yeah, they've helped me out a lot
Dad: huh, well maybe I can meet this person while I'm here
Y/N: Y-You want to meet them?!
Dad: of course! I need to thank them, I mean I am your dad. I'm going to worry about you. I'm glad to know that someone is taking care of you since I'm not here
Y/N: oh I see... how long are you here did you say?
Dad: just a few days, I'll be gone by Saturday
Y/N: oh um ok
Dad: since I'm in La, I thought we could do something while I'm here
Y/N: umm sure, what would you like to do?
Dad: hmm what about the beach? We can then go for a meal after then head back here
Y/N: that actually sounds great! I still haven't gone there yet. I'll go get ready and you can unpack
Dad: ok where do I un pack?

Y/N directs her dad to a small spare room. Her dad smiles and starts to un pack. Later on Y/N heads downstairs. She decides to put her bikini under her clothes (change colour or outfit if you want)

Dad: you got everything?Y/N: yep, I got purse, phone, towel, sun cream and my bikini is under my clothesDad: ok, well I since you can't drive I'll do the driving

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Dad: you got everything?
Y/N: yep, I got purse, phone, towel, sun cream and my bikini is under my clothes
Dad: ok, well I since you can't drive I'll do the driving.
Y/N: haha yeah good call, let's go

Y/N and her dead leave the airport then get into the car and set off for the beach

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