I'll Be Ok - Chapter 18

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Continues from last chapter. Natalie is pointing the gun at Liam and Y/N. Liam goes in front of Y/N to protect her. A crowd of people scream and run away. A load of security head towards them but Natalie threatens to shoot if they come closer

Liam: Natalie? Put the gun down
Natalie: no! You're supposed to be with me Liam! Not her!
Y/N: Natalie, let just talk about this
Natalie: there's nothing to talk about!

Y/N slowly walks towards her, Liam tries to stop Y/N but is unable to.

Y/N: Natalie, please I know you are upset, and I know you've made mistakes. But we all have, so lower the gun and we can forget this happened
Natalie: but he likes you!
Y/N: don't you want Liam to be happy?
Natalie: I-I
Y/N: please Natalie. Do it for Liam

Natalie is about to put her gun down, but on of the security guys tried to run to Natalie. She freaks out and aims her gun instantly back at Y/N. Liam sees this and charges to Y/N pushing her to the ground. Then all of sudden, Natalie takes the shot. People scream and the security pin Natalie to the ground, un arming her. Liam is holding Y/N, he lifts his body weight of her and sees her in pain. There is a bullet wound in her shoulder

Liam: Y/N!!! Someone get a doctor!
Y/N: y-you saves me (puts hand on Liam's cheek) I'm ok Liam, it's ok.
Liam: you need a doctor to help you! You've been shot!
Y/N: it was a bad shot (smiles) I don't want you to worry... I'm going to be ok
Liam: but yo-
Y/N: I know it looks bad, but honestly Liam, it's not as bad as you think. She barely got me, I think it just hit a bone if it wasn't for you, should would have killed me.
Liam: (puts hand in her hair) You still need medical help
Y/N: ...I know

Liam leans towards Y/N. They hug then pull in for their first kiss. Eventually Liam pulls away for the Medics to carry her away on a gurney. Liam follows at her side holding her hand. Scene then switches back to the hospital. Y/N is sitting up in her bed eating her food. The nurse walks in. Y/N is in a cast

Nurse: Y/N? You have some people here who want to see you
Y/N: ok thank you!

Liam, Shelby, Graser, Parker and Will walk in, they all give her big hugs. They are careful when doing so

Shelby: how you doing?
Y/N: well it hurts but it could have been worse. Luckily she hit a bone she there wasn't too much damage
Liam: I am so sorry Y/N
Y/N: it's not your fault. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here at all
Liam: but it is still my fault you got shot. I should have just listened to you. I didn't want to believe Natalie was that evil to do something like that. But I was wrong...
Y/N: Liam it's over now. She isn't going to be following you everywhere you go
Graser: did you ever find out how she did that?
Liam: yeah once she had been arrested I got a call saying that they found a tracking device that lead to my wallet. They asked me to fully go through the pockets and see if I could find anything and report it. So I found a tiny chip there
Will: how on earth did she manage that?!
Liam: she must have done it while we were dating
Shelby: that's so messed up!
Graser: soooo... are you and Y/N going to date now?
Parker: Graser!

Y/N starts to choke on her food as Graser asks this.

Liam: you ok?
Y/N: yeah *cough cough* I'm fine
Shelby: Graser you can't just ask that!
Graser: why? We are all thinking it
Liam: that is really between me and Y/N. I think her health is a little more important at the moment.
Y/N: I'm fine
Liam: wait. so you do want to talk about it?!
Y/N: no... maybe? I just don't want you to worry about me. I'm honestly not even in that much pain. I'm even going to be released today. The doctors aren't worried and you shouldn't be either
Liam: but how can I not worry? I care for you Y/N, we all do. You could have been killed, and that's because I didn't see who Natalie really was
Y/N: Liam you used to love her, yeah she hurt you but there was a part in you that saw who she used to be. I can't blame you for that

Nurse comes back into the room.

Nurse: sorry everyone but we just need to do tests on Y/N, so we will need to ask that only family stay.
Y/N: can Liam stay?
Nurse: ... I suppose so

Liam grabs Y/N's hand and sits beside her. Everyone else leaves them alone. The nurse does some tests with Y/N on her health and strength. It's later on and the nurse has left

Liam: can we not have anymore health issues with you please (smirks)
Y/N: (smirks back) will you keep saving me if I do?
Liam: of course I will
Y/N: (chuckles then sighs) what a weekend
Liam: (chuckles) so how was your vidcon?!
Y/N: haha oh it was great haha
Liam: haha... Y/N?
Y/N: yeah?
Liam: I need to ask you something, now that we are alone and we aren't be hunted down
Y/N: what is it?
Liam: ...will you go out on a date with me? I don't want to start "dating" necessarily, I just want us to see how it goes... we can just call it pre dating
Y/N: (chuckles) I would love to go on a date with you

Liam smiles and leans in to kiss Y/N, and she kisses him back.

- Authors Note -
It's about time that Y/N and Liam got together. I really enjoyed writing these last couple of chapters. I loved adding the drama. Hope you guys liked it. Love ya :3

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