The Emergency - Chapter 12

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Liam is in an ambulance with Y/N. There is a medic checking on Y/N to see if they can do anything to help

Medic: don't worry, we're going to make sure she's ok
Liam: thank you...
Medic: is this your girlfriend?
Liam: She's just a good friend of mine
Medic: well, I'm sure she would really appreciate your help
Liam: ...
Medic: do you know why she was dehydrated. Did she have access to water?
Liam: I-I don't know... I came to check on how she was doing. But when I got there she collapsed...
Medic: it's a good thing you got there when you did.
Liam: ... I just want her to be ok
Medic: we are going to do everything we can to make sure she is ok
Liam: thank you...

Liam is now at the hospital. There are doctors that run in to take Y/N to a room. Liam stands there in shock as she leaves.

Medic: why don't you wait in the waning room and we will call you in when she can have visitors
Liam: thank you for all your help
Medic: it's not a problem

The medic leaves and Liam sits down. Time passes and Liam is sitting waiting for news on Y/N. Out of no where the front door opens and Shelby, Parker, Graser and Will come running in. Shelby goes up to Liam

Shelby: oh my God liam! (Hugs him) are you ok? What happened?!
Liam: I'm fine... it's just Y/N
Parker: Y/N?
Graser: wait did you tell her and something happened?
Liam: no, I didn't even get to her in time
Parker: so what did happen?

Liam tells them all about Y/N. Shortly after a doctor comes into the waiting room

Liam: is she ok?!
Doctor: I'm afraid it's a little more serious then we thought
Shelby: what do you mean?
Doctor: We understand that she fainted from being too dehydrated however she became really weak in the situation and hurt her head really bad... I'm sorry to say but we don't know how long it's going to take for her to wake up
Liam: so she's in a comma?!
Doctor: it's not as serious as a comma, we only know that it could take from a few minutes to a few days
Liam: is she going to be ok though?
Doctor: the only thing that could really change her from now is slight amnesia. But the chances of that are highly unlikely
Liam: ...
Shelby: thank you doctor. Can we go see her?
Doctor: we can only allow family in for now.
Will: her family live in England though?
Doctor: aren't you related. Sorry for assuming I can just tell you are both British
Will: um no...
Graser: what if it was her boyfriend? (He nudges liam forward)
Doctor: are you her boyfriend?
Liam: umm (turns to the gang and they all nod) ...yes
Doctor: I see, well I suppose so

The doctor and Liam walk out of the waiting room towards the room Y/N is in. She is unconscious with a mask giving her air on. Liam looks at her. He's upset. The doctor then leaves to give him some space.

Liam: ... Y/N... please wake up... I'm worried about you. If you can hear me, I wanted to tell you something. And if not I guess this is practice (he chuckles but he has tears in his eyes) I know we haven't known each other long, and I know that you are still adjusting things. And seeing someone but I- ( he looks at Y/N) I can't do this... (he kisses her on the forehead then heads for the door)

As Liam is about to open the door, the heart monitor starts beeping rapidly. Doctors charge in. The doctor from earlier goes up to Liam.

Doctor: please go back to your friends. Well take of her!
Liam: what's happening?! Is she ok?!
Doctor: please. I promise everything will be ok. Just go!

Liam leaves the room and back to the others. They see Liam is in shock and has tears in his eyes.

Shelby: Liam?! What happened?! Is she ok?!
Liam: I-I don't know? She... she... was just laying there. I was hoping that if she could hear me. I could confess to her... but I couldn't. I just gave her a kiss on the forehead to show I that I was there for her. And as I was about to leave... the heart monitor just kept beeping loudly and doctors ran in
Shelby: Oh my god!! (She starts to cry, she then rests her head on Parker and he hugs her)
Will: is she going to be ok?
Liam: ... I don't know...

- Authors Note -
Sorry it's dragging on, I just want this to be as interesting as possible and get a good lead on to the story. I hope you are enjoying it so far. And hopefully Y/N wakes up and is feeling ok :3

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