Are You Dating? - Chapter 7

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Y/N and everyone eventually stopped hugging and all sat down again. They all noticed that Y/N was a bit emotional.

Shelby: you doing ok C/N?
Y/N: yeah, I'm just so glad that I don't have to hide anymore (wipes tear from eye)
Stacy: aww everyone give C/N another round of applause
Crowd: WOOOO (applaud by clapping hands)
Y/N: thank you guys SO much, you all mean the world to me
Parker: H give C/N a hug since your closest to her

Liam hugs Y/N again, just before they pull away a random fan yells at them

Fan: Y/N bomb for life!
Liam: no!
All: haha

I know we aren't dating but for some reason hearing him say that really hurt. We're just friends, I mean it's not like I have feelings for him... right?

Liam POV
Why did I respond so fast, am I trying to hide something (Looks at Y/N) I mean she is beautiful but we're not dating, and there's no way after all that she would want to date me anyways. She needs to get used to things

Graser: aw that was my OTP
All: hahaha
Stacy: I find it scary when Graser uses slang, it seems like he's trying to fit in with the kids
Graser: haha
Shelby: ok I think we should discuss the panel now

Everyone on the panel started talking about how season 1 lead to the second season and how it was great to have new people on, and what to expect in future for the series. There was also some sneak peeks to merch that had all the current members on, including Y/N. They also discussed some other stuff about YouTube etc. After about an hour it was time for the QnA. Everyone formed a queue

Fan1: hey I love you all so much!
Parker: aww we love you too
Fan1: my question is for C/N
Y/N: oh ok, what's your question sweetie
Fan1: what made you decide to do a face reveal now?
Y/N: honestly... it was Liam who convinced me. He made me realise that I'm not alone, and if it wasn't for him, I probably would still be hiding for a lot longer. Thank you for question
Fan1: Thank you C/N, love you
Y/N: aww love you too!

The next fan walks up, she seems really excited to talk to everyone.

Fan2: hi!
Panel: hey
Fan2: oh my god I love you all SO MUCH!
Stacy: we love you too
Fan2: my question is for Liam and C/N
Liam: um ok, what is your question?
Fan2: are you both dating? Or thought about dating each other?

I could feel my cheeks burn red. I looked to my side to see that Liam's were too. He must feel so awkward and embarrassed. Not that I blame him. I bet he is seeing someone by now, he must be.

Y/N: sorry but no, we aren't dating
Fan2: are you dating anyone currently?

I felt like saying sorry no more questions and laugh it off but I didn't want to seem rude

Y/N: yeah I am

WHY DID I SAY THAT?! I'm not dating anyone!!!!! I didn't mean to say that! Why would I say I'm dating if I'm not. I instantly heard people getting excited. I turned too my side to see the panel staring at me in delight

Graser: ooo who's the lucky guy?
Liam: Graser if she doesn't want to talk about it, she doesn't have to
Y/N: umm well I was but it's a bit complicated now, since I moved to LA, so it's just long distance for now
Dylan: well if me and Del can work it out, I'm sure you both can too
Y/N: thank you
Fan2: thank you so much!
Graser: thank YOU!

Liam POV
I can't believe she's dating someone. I should have known. It's so obvious, she's beautiful and kind. Who wouldn't want someone like her... am I jealous? I-I think... I think I have a crush on Y/N!!

- Authors Note -
This chapter was a lot of fun to write. I hope you guys enjoyed. It's been great writing fan fics again. Hopefully I'll be continuing soon. But all depends on college. Anyways love you all :3

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