Friends With A Fan - Chapter 28

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Everyone is now at the restaurant and have ordered their food and drinks.

Dad: so what do you all do for work?
Parker: we all do YouTube like Y/N
Dad: oh really? You know Y/N would watch youtubers all the time. She would always go on about these youtubers constantly-

Y/N nearly chokes whilst having a drink then tries to stop her dad from talking

Y/N: um yeah I did! Anyways we should see how long the food is going to be, we've been waiting a while, right?!
Dad: what were those youtubers you watched called Y/N? Ummm it'll come to me
Y/N: umm you know I can't remember! Waitor!
Dad: Oh I remember one of them!
Y/N: (blushes bright red) no you don't!
Dad: yeah I do! There was that one guy HBomb. You would go on and on about how much you enjoyed his videos!
Liam: (gets cheeky) really?
Y/N: oh my god (places head on table)
Dad: Y/N there's no need to be like that... oh I remember the other ones! Shubble, Graser, stacyplays, kiingtong and parkergames.
Shelby: haha
Dad: sorry did I miss something?
Y/N: (lifts head) ok I'm going to the bathroom! Be back soon! (Leaves for the bathroom)
Dad: what just happened?
Liam: we are those youtubers and some of those are out friends
Dad: ...oh. Sorry I had no idea. So who is who?
Liam: well um I'm actually HBomb...
Dad: hahaha no way! Ok this makes so much more sense
Shelby: and I'm shubble and Parker is well... Parker games
Dad: I should have caught on by that one
Parker: haha that's fine
Dad: oh gosh no wonder she left
Shelby: I'll go get her (leaves to the bathrooms)
Dad: she's going to kill me
Parker: well she did tell us she used to be a fan
Dad: yeah but I made it sound like she was obsessed with you. Don't really blame her for walking out with embarrassment
Parker: well we still care for her regardless. She is our friend now. She doesn't need to be embarrassed

Shelby is nudging Y/N to sit down, Y/N sits down and doesn't say anything. She is blushing. Shelby then sits down again too.

Liam: sooo... You were a massive fan?

Y/N gets up to leave but Shelby pulls her arm so she sits down again

Shelby: he's just teasing Y/N, we actually find it really sweet you used to be a fan of ours
Y/N: yeah but it's embarrassing... it's not like you guys were my fans, I was just someone who would watch your content on a daily basis...
Liam: ...yeah, you are right we didn't watch your videos... but we do now
Y/N: huh?
Shelby: yeah, we watch your videos all the time!
Y/N: y-you do?!
Parker: if anything, we became your fans, your content is so funny and real. Plus you have grown so much. Your community is so strong, it's hard to find someone who doesn't like it
Y/N: but it's you guys! I wouldn't have even made those videos if you didn't inspire me to do them.
Liam: either way you are our friend now. If we knew you at that point, we would have been your friend regardless

Y/N smiles and blushes, her dad hugs her from the side. The waiter then comes and places the plates on the table. They all eat their food. Once they finished they headed back to the beach. Y/N and Liam are walking together by the sea. Shelby, Parker and D/N are up ahead talking.

Liam: how you doing?
Y/N:  pretty good now. Honestly, I am so glad my dad is here, I didn't realise how much I actually missed him
Liam: well he missed you too... He wouldn't have come if he didn't
Y/N: yeah I know...
Liam: ... he seems to get along with everyone
Y/N: I'm glad... the only person he doesn't really get alongs with is... my mum
Liam: ...why did they get a divorce?
Y/N: ...
Liam:  you don't have to tell me if you aren't ready...
Y/N:  no it's fine... Basically they were married for a long time... they were married for about 17 years... but... they didn't really get along since my second brother came along. she would push my oldest brother away... she did the same to my other brother once I was born... once my sister was born. My dad couldn't see us get pushed away again... so he asked for a divorce... My mum accepted and... so basically. My dad didn't want to see my mum hurt me too... he thought staying married would help the situation... but it just didn't
Liam: I'm so sorry Y/N... you, your brothers and dad don't deserve that
Y/N: it's fine, honestly... I'm a lot happier now. so are my brothers. My oldest has his own family, second lives in Australia now, and my dad is re married. We are all a lot happier now. We have new lives... I just don't want to end up like her...
Liam: (grabs Y/N's hand, and looks her in her eyes.) you are nothing like her, you are kind and caring... you will never end up like her
Y/N: ...You really think so?
Liam: I don't think... I know...

Liam and Y/N gently hug, avoiding Y/N's shoulder.

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