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Adrian went out of his way with the dinner, there's no doubt about it. He truly put a lot of effort into it. He's really trying. We avoid deep conversations over the food, sticking with the light ones. I think he doesn't start on the subject we both should talk about because he wants to see me eat. He casts a few glances here and there at my plate, wondering how the food is.

It's wonderful. He's a great cook, but that shouldn't take me by surprise. He's a master of many things. "Are you still going to leave the mansion to your wife?" I can't help but ask the question that I've been asking myself. I take the glass of wine and I notice Adrian looks down at my almost finished plate. He's contemplating if he should answer or not.

"Ex-wife," he corrects me. "Yes. She doesn't have anywhere else to go."

I pity her. I truly feel sorry for her. It does not excuse that she's such a vile person, but it explains a lot. "And you're going to live here?"

"That was the plan. Do you like it?"

A laugh bubbles in my throat. "Are you kidding?"

His head falls to his side with interest, his face staying unchangeable. He is not kidding. "I do like it. If not the house for itself, the view bought be."

"Good," Adrian says, happy. "You'll be happy to move in with me, then."

I'm happy I didn't take the sip of the wine because I'm sure I'd sputter it all over Adrian's unbelievingly handsome face. "Pardon?" I ask, almost choking on the air. "That's moving a little bit fast, don't you think? I didn't even agree to anything yet."

"So what is your answer, Cassandra?" He looks as if he already knows the answer, but I am not going to give it to him just yet.

"The woman that came to your house, the one you took to your office right after we ended things. What was she to you? Or maybe I should ask, what were you two doing in your office?"

He scowls. "She's my client. I'm making plans for her weekend house. She's married."

"Being married doesn't equate to being faithful to the significant other, wouldn't you agree, Adrian?"

"It usually depends on the situation. If two people are in love, married or not, I believe they would stay faithful to each other."

I put my arms on the table, leaning forward. "Let me ask you in other words. With how many women exactly did you sleep in this month? You can be truthful about it and I'll be truthful as well."

Adrian blinks. "Do you actually have anything to be truthful about, Cassandra?"

I shrug, not giving anything away. I want to hear his answer first, although I'm afraid of what he's going to tell me.

His face pales a bit. I guess he was not expecting this. "The answer is zero. I haven't been with anyone else. The thought of it made me ill, for Christ's sake."

I'm relieved.

"I'm now afraid to ask you the same question."

"Why? We weren't together. I was free to do whatever I wanted with whoever I wanted."

He looks like he's on the verge of vomiting. Or killing someone. He abruptly stands up, walking to the drinks' cabinet, taking out a glass and filling it with ice and whiskey, drinking all of it at once.

Maybe I shouldn't be playing him like that, but he needs to know he doesn't own me and that he could really lose me forever when he acted such a jackass. I wanted to see what his reaction to that would be.

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