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Adrian doesn't give me any time to prepare myself or for the pain from the first strike to disappear

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Adrian doesn't give me any time to prepare myself or for the pain from the first strike to disappear. He smacks my other cheek and I writhe on the bed, my eyes getting teary from the pain as I let out another scream.

I intentionally reach my hands out, trying to stop him, looking back, but he smacks my ass again and my vision gets too blurry for me to even see anything anymore.

"Adrian!" I wiggle on the bed, but Adrian puts his hands around my wrists, putting them behind my back and holds me still.

"Don't," he says, slightly calmer than before, but he still terrifies me at the moment. It's wrong that I feel the pleasure from this. The pain is there, of course, but I feel the pleasure in knowing that I have to trust him enough so he won't hurt me.

It's funny how the thought of this would be sickening to many people – even to me. But now that I'm experiencing this ... yes, I'm scared, but intrigued. This is a step further in our relationship. This is who Adrian is.

"I'll tie your wrists," Adrian says.

I grit my teeth together when he smacks me again. This is the fourth one. "Duele," I breathe out. It hurts.

"It hurt, too, when I saw you with another man."

I gasp when another strike comes, this one a little harder. I almost climb up on the bed to get away from the belt, but Adrian holds my wrists and me in place. He throws the belt down by my side and I whimper when I look at it.

I think he's going to stop, but I suddenly feel him tying my wrists together. It's something soft and silky – most likely his tie.

"No," I say, trying to fight him.

"Your ass is deliciously red."

"Adrian, por favor," I plead him.

He tightens the tie around my wrists. It doesn't hurt, but it does a good job of holding them together. I also know I couldn't free them even if I tried.

Adrian leans over my back. I feel his suit against my bare legs and I feel how hard his cock is against my ass. He grabs my jaw in his hand, forcing me to look at him. His eyes roam over my face, seeing the tears and the pain. "Why, Cassandra? Why the hell would you do that?"

I try to shake my head. "Yo no ... No lo sabía. Por favor, Adrian." I didn't ... I didn't know.

Adrian moves back with an angry growl. He grabs the belt again and I writhe on the bed, trying to roll away. I sink my teeth on my bottom lip, harshly, almost drawing blood, when another strike happens.

I don't let out a sound this time. I just close my eyes and lie my head on the bed, accepting the pain. My ass is almost numb. It's burning. It's sickening how wet I am, though. How turned on I am.

Adrian delivers four more strikes, eight in total. I'm lying still. I don't even want to move because I'm afraid it'll hurt even more.

I feel his hand going under my panties, seeking out my wet centre. He rubs his fingers against me and pushes one in. My walls greedily wrap around it, accepting him in.

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