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I did not have any particular picture in my mind when I imagined Mrs Welch's parents. Actually, I never even imagined them. But if I did, I'd imagine them exactly as they are. Polished. Stuck-up. Especially her mother. Her dad seems like a stern man.

In the two hours they've been here, he hasn't cracked a smile. His face stayed serious the whole time. Well, they weren't much of a laughing type, anyway, because the table was mostly serious and the air was unbelievably uncomfortable every time I walked in.

I made sure I served them quickly and made as little noise as possible. I didn't want to get myself noticed by these people.

But I saw the husband of Mrs Welch's sister glancing at me a few times, looking at me with interest and it always seemed like he was thinking about something. I also noticed Adrian must have noticed it, too, because he gave him a few looks, although I'm pretty sure the husband didn't understand or he just pretended like he didn't.

Adrian, however, did not look at me. Not even a glance by accident. It seems like he knew when I entered the room because he made a big deal of looking nowhere but straight.

And that hurts. Being so close to the man you love, being so close to the man you could have something beautiful with if you didn't fuck up.

"Miss Duarte."

My head shoots into the direction of Mrs Welch's sister's husband. Noah is what I heard his name was. "Would you be kind enough to show me where the bathroom is?"

I have to school my expression so my eyebrows don't furrow together in confusion. "Yes, of –"

Adrian suddenly stands up, buttoning his suit jacket. "I can show you the direction, Noah, since you, apparently, forgot where it's located from the last time you visited."

Mrs Welch looks at Adrian in shock and warning. My eyes widen, staring at Adrian's side profile, seeing him smiling at Noah, not giving anything away. An uncomfortable silence falls in the room. Mrs Welch glares at me as if this is all my fault.

And I suddenly want to shout, "I'm just doing my goddamn job here!" in her face just to knock some sense into her.

Noah gives Adrian a passive look before he reluctantly stands up. "Well, I'm sure Cassandra here would be kind enough to do it, you don't have to bother, man."

"Follow me," Adrian grits out, making no room for further discussion or objectifying whatsoever.

I hold my breath until they're both out of the room. Adrian makes sure neither of them come even close to me when they go out. The table is quiet and I notice Noah's wife, Mrs Welch's sister, looking at me, her head cocked to the side.

"If you'll excuse me," I murmur and almost run into the kitchen. Que demonios? What the hell?

Milena looks at me, immediately noticing the state I'm in. "What's going on out there?" she wonders.

"Hell if I know," I say quietly. Why did Adrian do that? Out of jealousy? Anger? He still feels something. He must have. He's still being protective and if he doesn't stop, they're going to know something is up. "Oh, he's one confusing man," I sigh, leaning against the counter.

I put my hand on my forehead, the headache appearing yet again. I'm not sleeping well. I'm not eating well. And, therefore, my body is punishing me for that. But I just can't. I can't stomach the food. And I'm afraid to close my eyes because of the nightmares that always come. I'm living a nightmare. I can't dream one, too.

I hear when they return. I don't even dare to go back out, but I know I have to. "Cassie, did anything happen?" Milena asks, confused to my reaction.

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