Letting Go by SarahLWhite
Letting Goby Sarah White
Ben Stone is used to getting exactly what he wants. Being a successful businessman and known playboy allows him his pick of beautiful women. He loves them all--but usu...
  • romance
  • steamy
  • wealthy
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Beautifully Damned |1| by diored
Beautifully Damned |1|by 🌩
In which a girl who fills the loneliness in her heart the same way she fills the emptiness between her legs. Her heart and her soul was at war with each other. When his...
  • elites
  • diamonds
  • rich
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The Billionaire's Mistress by m17ch_d
The Billionaire's Mistressby Mitch D.
Jessica Danielle Dawson, or (Jade) for short, is working in human resources in a company. She is beautiful, smart, and intelligent. She is also feisty, so don't mess up...
  • wealthy
  • singlemanmistress
  • gorgeous
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 Billionaire's Feisty Bride by Seah_29
Billionaire's Feisty Brideby Seah_29
From best friend to ex-best friend Can the ex-best friend become a wife? When Khelsey Baker's father came back from a business trip from Italy. Be brought a souvenir wit...
  • mistakes
  • italian
  • general-fiction
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Mommy's Love by romantic_rachey
Mommy's Loveby Racheybenette_123
Lilly is a girl who is kind and sweet. Her father left her and her mother at a very young age. She is a secret little and likes too be a baby and treated like one. She l...
  • supercute
  • girlxgirl
  • rich
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Venduto al Capo della Mafia [COMPLETED] by CaramellaQueen
Venduto al Capo della Mafia [COMPL...by Ann-yah
Translation: Sold to the Mafia Boss 17 year old Savannah Dawson got kicked out her own home, and was wondering the streets when she was picked up by human traffickers. T...
  • family
  • rich
  • mature
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Sposato con il Capo della Mafia [COMPLETED] by CaramellaQueen
Sposato con il Capo della Mafia [C...by Ann-yah
Translation: Married To the Mafia Boss *Sequel to Venduto al Capo della Mafia. Must read first book to understand.* Following the lives of Savannah and Dante De Luca...
  • romance
  • kidnapped
  • wealthy
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When We Crashed  by HoneyJewelz
When We Crashed by HoneyJewelz
"You know, you aren't like most girls I have met." "Is that a good thing?" "It depends, are you obsessed with shopping?" "That involve...
  • summerromance
  • lovestory
  • highschool
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System: The Unfortunate's Helper by Lilshanes
System: The Unfortunate's Helperby [Lazy_Girl]
Dying contended, Onyx was under the impression that he had missed nothing important in all the years he had been alive. Though who would have guessed that an unknown sys...
  • wings
  • interests
  • characters
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Lucky Inlove (Completed & Editing) by ibeyouwannabe
Lucky Inlove (Completed & Editing)by 희망 & 배야
#349 in Teen Fiction! [TAG-LISH] Connor Julian Park (Ahn Jae Hyun). Well known as Prince Connor of CJP Academy. CJPA stands for Connor Julian Park Academy. Connor is a s...
  • badboys
  • fanfic
  • wealthy
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Idolize Me by PaperMars
Idolize Meby This profile kills me
Rabid is what they are. The Scott family are as powerful as they are rich. They have more money than most could count too, and enough fame to place their names in the hi...
  • billionaire
  • family
  • cruel
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Roman Holiday by midas-
Roman Holidayby †
❝Bored rich kids are dangerous rich kids.❞ • • • When Crown Princess Soraya Al-Bahktiar, from the kingdom of Karim, touches down in New York, everyone knows. From...
  • rich
  • secrets
  • mafia
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Designer Relationship... by RagenWM
Designer Relationship...by Ragen
Margaret Sage, a 24 year old woman, that wants to achieve her dreams in the Big Apple. Taking on New York was a giant step, in both her career and personal life. Soon Ma...
  • unitedstates
  • badboy
  • writer
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MS.CEO (Book 1) ✔ by Sexy_Pornstar_Tae
MS.CEO (Book 1) ✔by ✨Mrs.Kim✨
"Someone needs the jungcock" he mumbled but I still heard it. "Pardon?" "Nothing" he said --- Started:12/30/17 Ended:3/29/18
  • mature
  • boss
  • jungkook
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One Day, Maybe.  #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving
One Day, Maybe. #NewAdultby LilyFullyLiving
Book 2 Of "Hello, Mr. Darcy" I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you first read "Hello, Mr. Darcy" Summary : "One day, maybe, we'll learn to love...
  • heartbreak
  • possessive
  • marriage
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Exclusively Mine by LustAfterTravel
Exclusively Mineby ♡wanderlυѕт♡
"It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine" Crysella Ariela is an independent woman who fell inlove with a man...
  • wealthy
  • billionaire
  • professional
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Insomnia- When You Can't Sleep At Night by cracked-queen
Insomnia- When You Can't Sleep At...by PRADAA
Book 1 of The Fedelta Series This is Falcone's story.... Losing her father at a young age and recently losing her mother to cancer, Katherine Withers just can't seem t...
  • possessive
  • obsession
  • mobboss
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The Game Of Hearts by Chocolatetheflavour
The Game Of Heartsby Ngoiri Irungu
"If I wanted to fuck you, I would and there's nothing that ring on your finger can do to stop me." She drawled seductively. She's no longer the meek, prudent a...
  • brothers
  • past
  • romance
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Good Morning, Miss Undercover by CatMeme6
Good Morning, Miss Undercoverby Cat Meme
The first time they met, she told him. "Young man, my advice to you is.....don't be so handsome, it's not safe to go out." The fourth time they met, she tol...
  • police
  • undercover
  • student
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«Scarlett Moon || 스칼렛 문» J•JK✓ by gigiloveskookie
«Scarlett Moon || 스칼렛 문» J•JK✓by 수현👑🔇
«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«»«» OMG!! HR #86💖 #112💖 she was alone in the house when she opened the book which she brought from the library..... to look at some Korean royal fa...
  • jhope
  • jungkook
  • wealthy
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