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Adrian doesn't give me any time to think or even react to his words in any way before he grabs me and pulls me to him, moulding our bodies together. I stop breathing when he dips his head and kisses me, hungrily, like a starved man.

I feel my heart beating hard against my chest as I kiss him back, equally as feverishly as he kisses me. And, Dios, he knows how to kiss.

He forces me to walk backwards and I'm waiting to hit the bed with the back of my knees, but I never do. Adrian breaks the kiss and quickly swirls me around. I'm still dizzy from the kiss and I barely comprehend the quick motion.

I have to blink a few times to see the bed pillar in front of and feel Adrian pressing his front against my back, his arm coming around my waist. "I'm going to take you from the back."

Ay, esto es tan caliente. This is so hot.

He tugs my dress down to expose my breasts, covered only with a bra, and he tugs that down, too, palming my breasts, playing with my nipples until they're hard and standing out, begging for attention.

I unconsciously move my ass against his hard cock and Adrian stops me with his hand, leaning his hips back. "No," he says in my ear.

I sigh in displeasure. "You'll get it when I decide to give it to you," he says then. He undoes the laces on the front of my dress and tugs it down my body so I'm standing only in my underwear.

I blush in embarrassment because I could at least change my light pink cotton panties before. I'm sure Adrian is used to seeing his women in some expensive and seductive underwear.

But I don't think Adrian even notices because he gets me out of my panties while placing kisses down my back.

He kneels behind me and I inhale sharply, feeling his fingers trace the skin down my leg and I'm immediately covered in goosebumps. "Your body was made to be fucked."

My insides clench at how needy his words make me. I'm already wet and we barely even started. Adrian travels his finger back up my leg, coming to the inner of my thigh. "Spread your legs." His low and husky voice makes me want to oblige him immediately.

I spread my legs wide for him and I know I'm on full display, nothing to hide now and I love it. Adrian hisses. I feel his finger coming right to my wet lips, only one, soft slide through them and then his touch is gone. "Already so wet for me. You want it. Don't you, Cassandra? You crave my cock."

I groan.

Adrian smacks my ass and I yelp. "I want an answer."


Adrian spreads my ass cheeks apart. "This magnificent ass is going to get fucked real soon. You've been teasing me with it, Cassandra, and you're going to get what you want."

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